Tuber of the Week #23: Involvement

Recently in Alton, TX, an officer arrived at the scene of a fight call, intervened, but was overwhelmed by several juveniles who began assaulting him on a residential street.

Who comes to his aid?

A pregnant woman heroically came to the rescue of an Alton police officer earlier this week and the incident was captured by a dashboard camera...

Angela Gutierrez -- who is nine months pregnant -- was driving with her husband and child, when she witnesses a group of teens attack the officer...

The dash cam video shows Gutierrez swoop in and pull one of the teens off of the officer and eventually the rest of them relent and flee the scene.

"Something felt like I had to help," she told the news station. "I told the guys to leave him alone."
Three cheers for Ms. Gutierrez, and I hope the agency gives her a medal, but if I was her husband, I would be shaken--thinking that I hope she and the little-one-on-the-way never want to jump into a fracas like that again.

I was able to imbed the video of the incident from the officer's dashboard camera (below), but the audio is poor.

For the local news version with better audio, you can go here.


hurstburst said...

Wow! Never underestimate the protective instincts of a woman with child!

Thanks for stopping by today! I think I was posting just as you were leaving me a comment. Hope you can come back and check out today's post.

Merry Christmas to you and yours as well!

Expat From Hell said...

Great story. Who needs "Cops" when I can visit here! The participation and support of fellow citizens, even those who are "compromised" be pregnancy, is always an inspiration and encouragement to me. Thanks for bringing this one forward, SlamDunks. EFH

terri said...

What an amazing and selfless woman. I'll bet she's a GREAT mom.

Chrystal said...

i'm betting she's probably not going to put up with any back-talking from her little one in the future, either! three cheers for "mean" moms! =)

Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt said...

You go, girl!

Maybe we should have more pregnant women in law enforcement.

I bet she was always a caring and brave person, though.

JennyMac said...

Unbelievable and amazing at the same time. I love this story and did not see it in the news. She is one woman with many others would have simply passed by.

Hey, will you put your email in your profile? I wanted to email you back on one of your comments but you are "no reply at blogger".

Ann T. said...

Dear Slamdunk,
I also love this story. I know she had more to risk than most, being pregant.

But I also think this is the answer. If people make a stand. This requires dominating fear to make a good assessment but also just the willingness to do it. Or at least to call 911.

It radiates outward. It really does.

Thanks for finding a kick-butt experience for us! Proves we can make a difference!

Ann T.

Slamdunk said...

Thanks for the comments all.

@ Chrystal: Yes, I think her household will be well behaved.

@ Ann T.: I think the courage to act is a difficult thing. No matter how much one prepares for such a time, it is always different when it happens.

Holly said...

Are you kidding me? No respect. I love that she took action (although at nine months pregnant..yikes!). I admire people who won't put up with the crap and take a stand.

Tamika: said...

Amazing story!

Thanks for stopping by my place. I enjoy meeting new people!

Javajune said...

That is amazing. I think it must be the mom thing. I once ran into a burning house because I saw a little boy standing in the doorway. I brought 3 kids and a dog, it was done totally by instinct, I never thought twice. I guess there's a fine line between hero and crazy but sometimes you just react without any thought to consequences.
Great story!

LOUD n PROUD said...

WOW,and they say no one likes cops!