From the Bomb Squad to Tactical Corsets

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I enjoy the freedom of blogging. As an individual blogger, I pick the topic and can argue/complain/whine to my heart’s desire.

This would not be the case if I wrote posts for an organization. Blogging for a company or other entity is more of a challenge. The goal is different. There are constraints.

For many organizations, I imagine their blogging experience goes something like this:

I envision a company meeting being directed by a well-dressed executive. The exec is busy barking orders at the staff like:

“I want our product information on Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger yesterday. Now get it done!”

Employees immediately scramble in different directions; all knowing that the boss has no idea what any of these social media tools do and that his desk is still the home of a 1980s Smith-Corona typewriter instead of a computer.

Initially, entries are made daily and include lots of product pictures, but eventually the posting frequency shifts to weekly then to monthly before the blog finally goes extinct.

The last entry is page four from a top selling product’s warranty manual—-as the employees have had nothing of value to post for months.


Now, there are exceptions to my description of a blog’s slow and painful death.

Previously, I discussed my respect for Cst. and K-9 officer Sandra Glendinning’s writings over at the Vancouver Police Department--so today, I’ll offer two additional examples of excellent company/organizational blogs.

1) Houston Police Department Recruiting Unit

Officer Mike McCoy’s goal is obvious: to disseminate information about becoming a police officer in Houston and to attract high quality recruits from around the country.

I am certain that he accomplishes this and more with the help of his blog. It is informative and includes lots of creativity and humor.

For instance, one reader requested information about how to become a member of HPD’s bomb squad. He could have just posted a blah blah blah reply, but instead selected this approach.

(Note: Ok, the guy in the video is acting, but nonetheless…)

Or, in this post from a series, Officer McCoy provides information on the type of applicants that the agency is not seeking.

The HPD recruiting blog is a fun visit; not to mention that you may even win a police prize during one of their contests.


Based in St. Louis, blogger Jeanette promotes the firm’s products for emergency response personnel with an appealing mix of interesting tidbits and laughs.

In Attack of the Tactical Pens, Jeanette discusses steel writing pens that can be used for self defense and of course cool stuff like breaking windows.

I want to try some of the moves including in the last video of her post, but have not been able to coax any of our young kids into being the “crash dummies.”

Where do you go on the Internet to learn about tactical corsets?

Well, Jeanette’s blog of course as she provides resources and commentary to this er... um... “innovative” idea.


In sum, useful and clever organizational blogging is alive and well—-as demonstrated by the creative efforts of Officer McCoy and Jeanette.


Jeanette K. said...

Thanks so much for this post. I'm glad you're enjoying what you're reading! I feel blessed to work for such a forward-thinking company that gives me creative freedom to make our blog a little more flavorful than what you'd see come from a business.

The Silent Spectator said...

I love blogging too. :-)

angelcel said...

When we fly I've often sardonically commented that pens could be construed as dangerous weapons, particularly steel pens. Et voila - tactical pens! (...but I see that you've already commented to the same effect at Jeanette's page)! :D

Javajune said...

Your blog is informative and so fun. Who knew that steel pens were the perfect weapon!

Amber Paterson Photography said...

That was a good pep talk to keep my blog going! I struggle to do it when life gets in the way (which is everyday). Thanks for such an informative and funny thing to read!!

Stephanie Faris said...

Corporate writing takes the fun out of it. I wrote for an arts agency I worked for for 6 was such a draining experience. You really do feel like you're whoring your talent out (forgive the expression!). Everything you write has to be twisted and skewed for the better interest of the company for which you work.

Cindy (C.L.) Beck said...

Good blog. I'm going to have to check out the steel pens. :)

Thanks, too, for the kayaking video on the previous post. Oh my gosh, it was soooo funny.

Holly said...

Growing up with police officers, I always knew they had a unique and fun sense of humor. Thanks for sharing.

Ann T. said...

Dear Slamdunk,
Along with the Tactical Corset, like other Wonder Women before me, I want a pair of Tactical Hot Pants, a slim-line laser, Tactical Tiara, and a Golden Lasso that restrains evil in its tracks.

What fun!

Ann T.

Oz Girl said...

Creative and witty writing... that is something I definitely wish I had in more supply. I find it to be a struggle to be witty in my writing!

Loved the mouse video... but how did they get that mouse to stay put and come out at just the right time? LOL

Sandra G. said...

Thanks again for the mention, SD, and thanks for the links to these two other great blogs!

What a riot!

Slamdunk said...

@ Amber Paterson & Oz Girl: I should have included an exception for photography and art blogs since I enjoy quite a few of them and the works of art make the blog a pleasure to read.

@ Ann T.: I could use those as well, but I never understood her invisible plane. I mean being able to see WW sitting inside the plane as it zoomed through the air seemingly defeated the invisible advantage.

@ Sandra: Your welcome--your blog and perspective is tops.

J. J. in Phila said...

Oh course, you can just poke someone in the eye with a Bic pen. :)

Anonymous said...

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