It's Not the Content, But the Author

Rather than publish an entry with key information that I am still trying to verify, I need to table my next installment in the series on the disappearance of Beau Ramsey.

I hope to have the accurate information ready soon.


A blog entry from January 29, 2004:

5:30 am, radio alarm goes off, the blaring static of some intentionally half tuned in radio station pulls me up from the depths of blissful sleep. I hit the snooze.

5:39 am, alarm goes off again, I hit the snooze again.

5:48 am, alarm goes off one more time, I let rag on for a moment so it will wake me up, then turn off the alarm.

5:55 am, after laying in bed awake for a few moments I get up, find my car keys and hit the autostart to warm up my car, get dressed, shave in the bathroom sink, brush my teeth, brush my teeth again with my “sonic care” toothbrush because of a sore in my mouth from a trapped piece of food the other day.

6:08 am, decide to skip breakfast, I’ll have a granola bar out of my desk at work. Check my email, and make sure my web cam is up and on line. Pack my laptop, put on my coat. Pet my cats, “good day.” Check to make sure they have food and water.

6:15 am, out the door. Car has stopped running, I thought for moment that it didn’t start, but it is warm so it must have just run its 15 minute course. Good. Use the new snow sweeper broom and brush off a thin layer of snow from my car.

Notice Ice on the hood, but only on the hood, figure that’s because that’s the only place warm enough to melt the snow so it can form ice when it re-freezes again. Unplug the heater block, get in, start the car, turn on my lights as always, back out.

Opps, forgot the power cord so I can plug my car in at work. Get out, leaving car halfway into the alley, get the cord, which is frozen stiff, literally, put it in the back seat with my computer bag, get back in, and I’m off...
Seems like a relatively normal yet long-winded blog entry, right? Just an "Average Joe" starting his day.

The blog author continues to detail his life until 12:28 pm including this observation:

12:06 pm, Police car in front of me at stop light. I notice that I’m not as nervous as I used to be pulling up behind a police car. I marvel for a moment about how much time the officer must spend concerning himself with registration laws, when he could be doing something else.

I wonder if he recognizes me?

Not likely, probably doesn’t even consciously see me behind him. Just heading back to the station, probably not even aware I exist. That thought makes me feel better...
Shockingly, the author of this blog is the notorious serial killer and sexual predator Joseph Edward Duncan.

Duncan is highly intelligent and the member of at least one national honor society.

Currently, he is on death row for several of his offenses, and it is difficult to comprehend the pain and suffering that he inflicted on his victims.


Why is the blog of a heinous felon important?

Along with other documents, it has helped volunteer researchers detail the whereabouts of Duncan during his lifetime--with the hope that his name will be considered in more unsolved criminal cases.

These killers seem to always leave victims where ever they have lived. I am sure Duncan's past is no different.

I discovered this valuable timeline while researching Duncan's whereabouts with regard to six-year old Morgan Nick (as part of the blog series that I was writing) who was abducted in Arkansas.

From the information available, it appears that Duncan was on the West Coast during the weeks that Morgan went missing.

Certainly not overwhelming proof that he was not in Arkansas in 1995 (despite allegedly having relatives in the area), but a good place to start.

Note: Image was used from here.


Janna Qualman said...

Wow, this so didn't go where I thought it would, given the title.

Fascinating. And very, very disturbing.

fingertipsy said...

It certainly is a shame that kindness is a rare trait these days - I imagine in your line of business, the lack of kindness is even more harsh and rampant than in my little world.

All my best to you and what you do. Thank you for stopping by and sharing a comment, and your blog.


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

I agree with Janna...not where I thought that was going, figured something was wrong with the car. Now this is just creepy!

Herding Cats said...

Whoa! That surprised me...and seriously creeped me out.

J. J. in Phila said...

No pun intended, but chilling.

I looked at my posting activities on the day that Mr. Gricar disappeared. It was laughably boring.

mrs. fuzz said...


I didn't enjoy the movie Minority Report with Tom Cruise very much, but it makes me wish that there were some kind of psychic way of knowing when a crime was about to occur and law enfocement could sweep in and prevent it. This probably doesn't make much sense if you haven't seen the movie.

I was reading our local paper yesterday and saw that a convicted child predator was sentenced to 10 years for posession of pornography, but the sad and scary thing is that he told an FBI agent much more of his intent and it's the sort of thing that a person should be locked up for life for and never given the chance to do. It frightens me to think that in 10 years (or less) he'll be out and act on the things he said he wanted to do. It doesn't seem like these people are rehabilitable.

Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt said...


Wonder if we should start scanning mundane Twitter entries, too.

plello said...

Very interesting post.

I just read a few entries from his blog. Everything about the blog sends shivers up my spine, especially the name (Fifth nail) and the origins of the name. Evil.

Zuzanna said...

I'm fascinated.

Audrey Allure said...

wow, that's interesting

Iva said...


Ann T. said...

Dear Slamdunk,
Oh, my word.

I read the first page of posts--and the same thing occurred to me about the title of your post--not the content, but the author--.

And yet the content is hellish. he is clearly manipulative, clearly not well attached to other humans. he is also inconsistent--he can't seem to hang onto any one thought but instead has a medium sized number of themes that spin up and come down. he is secretive and triumphant at what he has hidden.

This is a lot to study. You find the most interesting places to look.

Ann T.

Holly said...

That definitely was chilling ( a popular word on this post I see). I have a crazy fascination with serial killers.

Miss Caitlin S. said...

Super interesting!!! I love reading weird sh*t like this for some reason. Ew, he is so gross. I remember his story so well.

Tamika: said...

Bone chilling. You convey gripping information so well!

BobKat said...

Excellent post! Nice twist for a title... author first, then the content.

There are a lot of decent human beings around us, but unfortunately those who harm or murder others are all too common. Like others here I've studied "true crime stories" for many years... even found myself in a car with someone I later realized was going to kill me, a stranger, only that the most extraordinary thing happened - there was a police sweep, over half a dozen cruisers swept in on the car I was oblivious to my fate. To this day I don't know the real story - I only know within seconds the car was on the side of the highway, the officers had the drivers door open, they were removing the 38 cal. snub-nose revolver from the back of his jeans, and were telling me to "leave, now!"

What I really enjoyed about this post Slam, was your approach... building up the rather mundane morning of a person that could be almost anyone of us. And that's just it! The author is the key - he could be anyone, but the content, and what's now known about him, is chilling.

Thanks again Slam! Very inspirational post.

Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt said...

WOW BobKat. What a story.

Dan said...

The problem is that both normal and crimal minds tend to express many things the same. Or as the ancients put it - hindsight is 20/20.

Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt said...

Someone once told me the really scary thing about insane people is they often act "normal." We know this to be true in many cases.

Then there are those who don't act "normal," who make violent innuendos but no one takes them seriously. This is equally dangerous.

 ALH said...

What an eerie post. To be privy to a killer's day to day thoughts is truly frightening. In one sense, the day is so normal and then in another it's so deeply and disturbingly abnormal.

Thanks for your recent comment on my blog. Can you never stop reading, please? haha You seem to really understand what I try to do in my writing. I very much want to 'say' something without ever saying it flat out. You picked up on it and I appreciate it.

terri said...

That gave me the creeps. I guess his mundane blog entries just go to show that a serial killer CAN easily blend in with society.

BobKat said...

A lot of seemingly "abnormal persons" are quite normal. In fact, only 1 in 100 persons are normal, in the true sense of what it means to be normal psychologically. According to a psychiatrist my parents brought me to many years ago, I fit the 1 in 100... I'm normal, and that makes me abnormal. What a twist. The only reason serial killers like Ted Bundy got away with what they did was they knew how "to play the game", got good at it, for twisted reasons only they understand.

We live in what's called "the Human Condition"... where as Jim Morrison of the Doors so poignantly said, "... none of us get out of life alive"!

How ironic! What gets to me are those persons who feel they have the power of god - to decide another person's fate. So what I'm saying is there's a big difference between being "normal" and being "god". What Slam has accomplished is to surprise us all...

He's helped us examine the content... and to show how easily the self-proclaimed gods can pretend they are normal. Not hard considering. We expect normalcy, but we don't really know what it means.

Fortunately, most of us will never have a close encounter with gods the like of what I'm describing. So these stories are creepy. Even so, it doesn't matter how brave the mouse, when there's a predator about. Diligence and common sense are often our best defense... and just because our society has a stereotype for what's "normal"... don't believe it. If you do - you're the mouse. Better to question what's too good to be true, than not. Best to listen to that voice within you... the one that says: "If it smells like a skunk, it probably is a skunk... and if it glitters, like gold, it's probably a scam".

Serial criminals are great at acting normal... being normal, I don't even trust myself. I much prefer eccentric... god's are rarely eccentric. Though some are...

Sorry... for the babbling... great topic Slam... it's your title that did it!

Slamdunk said...

Thanks all for the comments. I tried to creative with titles understanding that people viewing multiple authors in a reader are more likely to click on something with some element of interest.

@ JJ: You best be careful that your photo in their secret file will not now include archives of your blog.

@ Mrs. F.: It is scary how often these folks reoffend--a handful of years really means little.

@ Ann T.: Yes, I was always that annoying kid looking under rocks to see what surprises awaited.

@ Bobkat: Thanks for sharing.

@ Katherine: Good point. The abnormal ones are mush easier to catch and deal with. It is the ones that blog about going to work and playing with their cats (as the normal folks do) that are scary.

Anonymous said...

Ah, This is spot on! Clears up
many misnomers I've been hearing.

Amanda West said...

That really freaked me out.

And molesting kids? Is there anything more hanis on this planet?

Brian Miller said...

the scary part is we never know who is on the other side of the blog...that is way freaky...and ugh...messing with kids is horrible....

Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt said...

Since this post, I've been teaching in jail. My class is made up of sex offenders, drug dealers and lord knows what else.
I often know who the sex offenders are because they are in public records and yes, I check because I WANT to know who they are. These guys are really, truly sick. Their illness, I believe, is mental, physical or spiritual or all three. We can't fully know what has made them this way, but we can guess. Most of these men have been molested themselves or at least come from very messed up, violent backgrounds that the majority of us can't relate to. They are the lost souls of humanity, taking their illness out on the REST of humanity.
It's strange, maybe, that I am teaching where I am teaching and can think this way in spite of having been raped and beaten by an internet predator. But I think my experience has helped me understand the nature of some of these crimes and criminals. I don't think their behavior should be excused, and many of them simply should not be released because they will not be able to function in a society that demands safety. No one in jail can be trusted, even if they have not yet been found guilty. And they are all professional liars.
I feel very sorry for the victims and their loved ones. But I also have compassion for the criminals. Their lives are hell on some level, and they are still human beings. We need not inflict more hell on them when they have already been judged and sentenced, often by themselves as well as the system. Prison is no joke.