Tuber of the Week #28: School Uniforms

Mention school uniforms to a young person and you are likely to receive a frown.

Similarly, convincing parents that a dress code can reduce gang activity and/or violence at school may also present a challenge.

An advocate of mandatory uniform policies could develop an impressive written report that includes promising research and highlights a few success stories.

He or she may also develop a flashy presentation to try to persuade an audience that uniform dress by students is necessary to create safe learning environments, but I doubt it will alter many opinions.

In contrast, a supporter of this approach may just think "outside of the box" and present their argument based on the premise that a picture (or in the following case multiple pictures) is worth a thousand words--thereby creating a video clip like this that has a lasting effect on the audience.

After viewing the video segment, it is difficult to argue against the advantages that school employees have when they get to control student apparel; including being able to mandate that all pupils' shirts will be tucked into their pants.


Note: I saw this video originally on a blog of the Houston Police Department that is managed by Officer Mike McCoy.


Holly said...

We do not have uniforms at my sons school, but I would not be opposed to it at all. I would actually welcome it for numerous reasons (and even more so when my daughter starts school). That video is just plain scary.

angelcel said...

No! That's incredible and awful.

I hated wearing uniform at school because it was so frumpy and made of wool (which I am allergic to). However as an adult I'm very much in favour of them - they're a great social leveller, not allowing for expensive clothes and designer labels. They help to stop girls from dressing like little Lolitas (although rolling the wasteband so that skirts barely cover bums was a little trick that had passed on to my daughters' generation)! And if they stop someone from bringing a whole arsenal of weapons into school then that's *got* to be the clincher.

Ann T. said...

Dear Slamdunk,
I loved this video when I first saw it and included it on my Gangs for Parents entry on the Gang page at my blog.

But of course it extends past gangs and into those disenfranchised but hostile students we keep reading about.

Over at SgtSays, today's (Feb 17) post says that frequently schools do not understand the police work that they need. We've all got to get onto the same page. The life we save might be our kid's.

Great post! in its own way, as chilling as the last one.

Ann T.

Sue said...

I just showed my daughter this video. "That wasn't real, was it?" "Yes, it was."

Thanks for making a great point.

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Most of my friends are teachers, and my hubby is in law enforcement, and I know they would all 100% agree with you here. And you're right, that is a VERY effective video... and alarmingly true, I fear.

Confessions From A Working Mom

Amy said...

As a teacher I am all for mandatory school uniforms. Students may argue that uniforms take away from their independence but unfortunately they are too young and their brains aren't developed enough for them to understand the benefits of uniforms. In addition to hiding weapons in clothing many students are just plain dressing inappropriately. When I taught in Michigan I was the "mean" teacher who would make girls throw on a baggy t-shirt or get a sweater out of their locker when their shirts were too exposing--it's disrespectful for the student as well as the rest of the school to be hanging out on top--and this was a middle school! I think another issue though lies with the parents--it's their job to teach their child to respect themselves and dress appropriately.

gladwellmusau said...

This is very serious...almost unbelievable. It always happens that when something goes wrong that's when the public reacts, and always too late. So sad!

Bob G. said...


It still never ceases to amaze me...
Back in *my* day, we didnl;t have uniforms, but DID have a dress code...and it was followed.
Time to reinvent that wheel?

Just a thought.

Stay safe.

Linz said...

ok, when he pulled out the shotgun, my heart almost gave out. that's very frightening. no trench coat required - all he needed was baggy jeans.

i don't have children but i'm certainly not opposed to uniforms. i never wore uniforms in school, but i wouldn't have protested if i had to... not only does it help to block out certain potential hazards, but i would think it would help to equalize peers (not all the time, but in more cases than not) with regards to clothing, brand name, etc.

Conquer The Monkey said...

that is pretty powerful as an argument for uniforms......maybe it isn't needed in ALL schools, but in others if it's the best way to keep people safe...welll......maybe that is the best option....

Slamdunk said...

Thanks for the opinions everyone. I forgot to consider the self respect aspect that uniforms bring.

@ Ann T.: Sorry I missed this video on your blog. I should have known you had already found the resource.

Ann T. said...

Dear Slamdunk,
No need to apologize! your readers are a different set than mine, and I think it is worth showing all over the place.

I think it is great.

Besides, I should apologize to you for self promoting.

So I apologize instead,
Ann T.

malone8 said...

Until the ninth grade I went to Catholic school and wore uniforms. I came from a poor family of seven kids and was made fun of in public school because my clothes came from the goodwill store.

This was extremely hard to take as a teen.

This video makes it clear that the situation has become much worse today.

I'm absolutely in favor of uniforms; when I was in Europe all schools had uniforms.

Sandra G. said...

I went to a school where uniforms were required.

After my teen-aged self got over the shock of having my wardrobe decided for me for EVERY SINGLE SCHOOL DAY of the year (I was new to the school in Grade 9), I actually liked it. Saved time and money, and a whole lot of teen-aged angst.

That said, we still got to make a statement with our shoes. :)

terri said...

I wore uniforms in grade school and high school. My own kids wore them in grade school. Uniforms may seem like the answer to ending violence in schools, but I seriously doubt it's as simple as that. A simple dress code might prevent a student from hiding weapons for the most part, but if a kid really wants to get a weapon into school, he will, uniforms or not.

And as far as leveling the playing field by ensuring all students wear the same clothing, again, you'd think uniforms are the answer, but they're not. Kids assign each other ranks in a school setting, from the most favorable to the least. If it's not the clothing that help dictate the social order, you can bet there will be something else. It can't be prevented.

That being said, my 16 year old daughter would still say she wishes uniforms were required in her high school, since it would just make it easier to get ready for school. No deciding what to wear.

Amanda West said...

Dude, that was insane!!

School uniforms don't sound all that bad when you think of the safety reasoning behind it.

makingnew said...

Wow - that's insane! I have always been on the fence about uniforms, but that is one powerful video.

And thanks for visiting my blog last week..I've gotten behind in my blogging this week but it was nice to get your comment. I'm enjoying your blog!

Nina Theresa said...

omg - what the hell did he pull out of his pants? ^^

well in Germany we always discuss about wether to introduce school uniforms or not - the clip definitely provides a new aspect ^^

p.s.: go to my brandnew blog (

Selma said...

This video really scared me. We have very strict gun laws in Australia - you can only get a gun if you are a legitimate member of a shooting club or a farmer. There are no handguns. I have actually never even seen a real gun. Makes me sound naive, I know.

There is a bit of violence in my son's school but if guns were thrown into the mix I would need to change schools. I couldn't handle the worry.

Oh, and school uniforms are mandatory at all Australian schools.