Part III: Christine Walters Missing Person

I continue with my series on the disappearance of Christine Walters.

Case Summary

On November 12, 2008, twenty-three-year-old Christine Lindsey Walters was transported to a nearby hospital after being found nude and confused on the doorstep of a rural home in Arcata, California.

Evidently, Christine would not disclose any details to police as to her previous whereabouts, but did contact her mother in Wisconsin stating that she had been involved in a "ceremony", and believed that someone was following her.

She was treated medically, allegedly tested negative for drugs, and released from the hospital.

Christine, with the help of her parents, rented a room at a local hotel. Once she was settled, her parents then began arranging for a flight back to her home in Wisconsin.

On November 14th, Christine retrieved some paperwork at a local copy center that her mother had faxed to her. Workers described her behavior as paranoid.

Christine left the copy center and has not been seen since.


In post one, I reviewed the details Christine's case, and in post two, I discussed why police have been encouraged that the missing woman will be found and why I believe her parents have been unfairly criticized.

Today, I want to offer suggestions, based on what is available publicly, for future activity in the investigation and explore a few case oddities.


The Fax from Her Mom

Has the faxed information sent by Christine's mom been located? Was it recovered with her backpack at the Green Life Evolution Center or with items in her hotel room?

If the paperwork is also missing, it can be assumed that Christine was going to use it to obtain new identification information.

If she believed someone was following her (whether this was reality or not), it is understandable that she would not go retrieve her backpack or other personal belongings so as not to risk being seen.

Her Social Networking Accounts

Since she used her MySpace account to contact an old friend prior to vanishing (as reported by journalist David Lohr), it may be helpful to determine if her Facebook account was active at the time in question as well.

Just to be sure, I did locate a Facebook account for her.

Who are her listed friends and are any of them connected to the part of California where she went missing?


In the albums section of her MySpace page, Christine proudly displays multiple "counter-culture" photos of her with friends on July 5th (I am assuming this was 7/5/2008). It would seem that she enjoyed modeling for photo opps, and that her life in California up to November 2008, prior to vanishing, would likely include additional appearances in similar photos.

In contrast, not much seems to be known about Christine's time in California.

I would hope that her friends would submit any images of Christine during the fall of 2008, so that they can be studied by her family and others interested in her disappearance.

Identifying and speaking directly with as many people as possible from her time in Golden State could provide useful information.


Here are two additional suggestions...

1) If it has not been done already, I think the parents will want their daughter's medical records subpoenaed so that they can review any health issues that may be pertinent to her case (especially if she had been treated previously at an emergency room in California).

The private investigator hired by the family or someone else may also use this information to reinterview the intake folks at the hospital where she was treated and released.

2) She is not currently listed in the US Department of Justice's NamUs database for missing persons, and her information should be entered immediately to provide greater visibility to the case.
I'll complete my discussion on this case next time.

To view all posts in this series on Christine Walters Missing Person go here, and the photo was used from Christine's MySpace.


lovecoloredglasses said...

It's interesting how social networking is growing in its use. I never would have thought that it could be used to help locate missing persons. I'm so technology connected though, it seems weird that anyone could go completely off the grid...

Momma Fargo said...

I would have to agree that the internet has made these types of cases very interesting. I seem to lean toward she is at her cult compound of some sorts...hopefully alive.

It would be tough being on the parent end of one of these cases.

Aphrodite's Mortal Friend (ME) said...

I never quite no what to say when I read these ... I can say that it appears to me as there should be some form of a clue in all her "stuff" that is being overlooked or not connected ... unless, that is, this is a complete random act.

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Maybe she was into some bad stuff and that's why her friends haven't come forward with any pictures or info about her time in CA...then again, as always, maybe I watch too much Law & Order...

Matthew Rush said...

I'm not familiar with this case but I will commend you Slam for trying to increase the exposure of this kind of thing.

It's very sad and must be difficult for the family. I imagine the not knowing is the hardest part.

Portia said...

This case still has me baffled. It feels like a case where something could change at any moment!

J. J, in Phila said...

I'm not too sure this was random. I can see several possibilities (in not particular order).

1. There is a psychological issue.

2. Ms. Waters is fine, but wanted to start a new life, no longer associated with her family. It might be more of a communal lifestyle.

3. She was attacked sometime around getting the documents. That would be more random, and is possibly the least likely.

Ann T. said...

Dear Slamdunk,
At her age and with her beauty, she would be considered I think an asset to any cult or a good victim for a number of unsavory outcomes. She also does appear to have the style of someone who would not necessarily seek a traditional lifestyle. That's sort of "after the fact" and "non-linear" of me, I could be wrong.

All your suggestions are spot on. And again, I really like J.J's comments and My Husband's watching TV. Leaning on the friends a little might be a good idea.

But in the end, if she is where she wants to be, we still have a free country.

Thanks again for a thought-provoking and disturbing Missing Persons case,

Ann T.

T. Anne said...

Such a sad case. If does make me wonder if psychiatric issues were involved, at least in the beginning. But then, I always think psych issues are involved.

Stephanie Faris said...

I looked at her MySpace...strange. Why is the last login date February? Did a family member log in? I assume that's the case. Plus, what's with that comment from November from a friend about missing jewelry? I'm sure the police were right on that...

CL Beck, author said...

Interesting case. Hope it can be solved!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Glad to hear you were laughing to hard to be polarized by the subject! :)

Luisa Doraz said...

We do need to use what we have available in cases like this. It is hard to be a parent and not worry! Hope you have a great week! :)

Stina Lindenblatt said...

I hope they find her. But then I wish all the missing children could be found. If only it were that easy.

BobKat said...

Thanks Slam...

Christine is quite the attractive young woman. Ah, if I was 23 again! There will be those who make a connection between her being very attractive, and my wishing to be 23 again... thus stories develop.

But the case I want to make is when I was 23, I was in the thick of many of the developing twenties-type cultures... working for a college, being popular, many confided in me, as did I in others. We were discovering ourselves. We were experiencing both the best life had to offer at an age we could still be fascinated, but often it was the worst of times, being dumped by a lover for example.

I do hope and believe Christine is okay... it's not unbelievable she may had reason to "disappear". In the same thought, it is quite possible she was in trouble with a person or persons. There are hundreds of reasons, # one being she was very attractive.

It might puzzle me that she would appear at the hospital nude and confused... except, and I only submit this "except" to provide possible insight... embarrassedly enough the 2nd time I got drunk, four friends and I camped in the woods at age 17, built a lean-to, and got drunk. I got so drunk I took off my clothes and tried to climb a tree. Alcohol and myself have a jaded relationship, and it's possible the hospital didn't find evidence of alcohol use, or test for it.

At 23, even if one doesn't wholly get along with one's parent(s), when things go bad, a lot of families can be amazingly supportive, but in half those cases, a twenty-something adult, may quickly question the wisdom in getting the parent(s)involved. A quick change of mind might occur within a short time - a few days, or a couple of months.

We are wired for "fight or flight"... I feel Christine was in some sort of trouble... the question... did she wish to abandon her young plans, despite problems with an individual or more, and move back home? Or to confront her challenges?

I personally find it unlikely she'd have cut all ties with her family. The "ceremony" she spoke of could be a part of almost any cultural or religious group; but is significant. Facebook and MySpace should provide clues. Slam Dunk seems to suggest the family has been wrongly criticized, if so, then she would have called or tried to contact them somehow.

To stop using FB or MS, seems extreme... those online activities are separate from parent(s).

I believe something was legitimately threatening to her. I question whether she had the ability/friends to help her.

I don't know what the police know, but myself... I'm concerned. Very concerned.

Miss Caitlin S. said...

So sad, I hope they can find this girl. Sounds like she may have been swept away into the wrong crowd. What a waste of such beauty. I hope she is found safely... so many odd parts to her story.

Rhiannon Nicole said...

This gave me goosebumps. Wow, this seems like such a complicated case with layers and layers of evidence and information, gosh her poor parents...

Slamdunk said...

I appreciate the comments everyone.

@Lovecoloredglasses: Yeah, it would require just about someone living in isolation to go off the grid. I think some of the folks that Christine associated with, considering the very rural areas they reside, could do something like this--at least for a certain period of time.

@ Aphrodite's...: That makes sense and believe that is the hope of all Internet sleuths--too find a link.

@ Stephanie F: Excellent observation. It is believed that her family did that, but I have not seen it confirmed. It would (hopefully) allow the same family member to check her FB account since she likely used the same user name/password.

@ BobKat: Thanks for the insights. The woman's recent paranoid behaviors are problematic to me--I'll finish up her case with a last post expressing that.

vixstar1314 said...

This is so sad, hope with the help of technology and the internet more people will read about this and keep an eye out. I think your doing a great thing by mentioning this in your blog. One of the best way to get infor around is via people and word of mouth.
Praying Christine will be found soon and safe. May God be with her and her close ones.