Missing Persons Potpourri

Periodically, readers ask me if there are any new developments in one of the seven missing persons cases (well six are active missing persons cases and one, Beau Ramsey, has morphed into a homicide investigation) that I have discussed here on the blog. 

I plan to offer this type of update regularly as a part of my Missing Person Monday series, and the following is a first installment.

Of the updates below, I think last week's news story on the Morgan Nick case may be the one to watch.

1) Brianna Maitland

Case Brief: Seventeen-year-old Brianna was last seen leaving work in Vermont around midnight in March of 2004.  Her vehicle was found the next day crashed into an abandoned farmhouse less than a mile from her employer.

What's New:  Last week, Vermont State Police searched the Prive Hill Road area, which is close to where her car was recovered, but reportedly uncovered no new information.  Authorities have been visibly pursuing leads over the past few months.

2) Christine Walters

Case Brief: On November 12, 2008, twenty-three-year-old Christine Walters was transported to a hospital after being found nude and confused on the doorstep of a rural home in Arcata, California.  She was later released from the medical facility, checked into a local hotel, but then vanished two days later--after stating that she believed people were following her. 

What's New: A follower of the Walters disappearance, who has been in contact with the missing woman's family, recently launched a website with a blog  that is devoted to the case.  It contains many of the related news articles, and specific information that I have discussed in my posts.  Having one place to read about case's like Christine's can only be helpful in building awareness about her situation. 

Also, I have received information on the case via email that I am sorting through to determine its relevance.

3) Morgan Nick

Case Brief:  Six-year-old Morgan Nick vanished from a baseball field in Alma, Arkansas in June of 1994.  She was last seen walking to her mom's car after catching fireflies. 

What's New: A news story last week stated that representatives from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children have been assisting the lead investigative agency (Alma Police) by digitizing the boxes of documents that are part of Morgan's case file.  Once all of these records are available electronically in a database, police hope that leads can be generated using statistical software that will search the volumes of information and look for connections.

I can't imagine how many pieces of paper are currently part of Morgan's file, and it makes sense when the family says that they believe relevant leads are buried somewhere in the mounds of fifteen years of paper files.

4) Ray Gricar

Case Brief:  At the time of his disappearance, Ray was the District Attorney for Centre County, Pennsylvania (home of Penn State).  He vanished in April of 2005, after telling his girlfriend that he was taking a day off from work.  The next day, his car was found abandoned next to some antique shops that are about an hour's drive from his home.  His laptop computer was also recovered from an adjacent river. 

What's New:  Last month, newly elected District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller established a review board comprised of seasoned investigators and herself, to review the Gricar investigation using the "fresh eyes" approach.  They are hopeful that this will lead to new developments.

Gricar case blogger JJ from Phila continues to do a fantastic job in covering every aspect related to Ray Gricar's disappearance. 

5) Susan Powell

Case Brief:: Mother and Utah resident, Susan Powell, was last seen on December 6, 2009.  Susan's husband Josh Powell reportedly told authorities that he had taken their two children camping to a remote area on the night of December 6th and left the missing woman at home--despite it being very cold for a camping trip; especially one involving small kids. 

What's New: In April, trained volunteers organized by the victim's family searched the area where Mr. Powell had told authorities that he went camping the night of Susan's disappearance.  The family wanted to involve the public, but decided to restrict the search to persons with experience after authorities advised against the idea arguing that the search location was dangerous and could present problems for volunteers not used to difficult hiking. 

I am unaware of anything new in the Sheila Kathleen McBroom or Beau Ramsey cases.


Momma Fargo said...

Thanks for the updates!

J. J. in Phila said...

Thank you.

I'll be doing a blog soon on a case where material evidence can from the Internet. I was happy to see a blog on the Walter's case.

Matthew Rush said...

Thanks for spreading the awareness Slam.

Ann T. said...

Dear Slamdunk,
The roundup is a good device. It's reminding me of each case and also the variety of circumstances to missing persons. I appreciate the update!

Ann T.

Javajune said...

Thanks for the updates. I was hoping for a happy ending or two, sigh...
I can't imagine the frustration the family must feel.

carma said...

nice job. The Susan Powell case is very frustrating to listen to because you just know something is up with her husband. To go camping in the middle of a frigid night with two small boys?? riiiiiiigggghhhttt.

Tara said...

I like the idea of the roundup. I agree with the previous commenter about the Susan Powell case. Those are the kinds of cases I imagine really frustrate the people investigating.

obladi oblada said...

Thanks for this..just when I thought I had heard all about the missing persons out there...nope.

15 years of files? Yeah...you can bet there are some leads in there that havent been followed thouroughly.

T. Anne said...

Thanx for the updates. I said a prayer for each of them.

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Thanks for the updates! I hope that new info comes soon for all these people. Have a great week Slam!

Anonymous said...

I object to your continued, singular promotion of Gricar blogger "JJ in Phila". Others who've been equally dedicated to finding an answer to this mystery understand his bias and the shortcomings of his blog. You and your readers would be better served to consider all sources of information.

Anonymous said...

Of course, that assumes that you or your readers actually have an active interest in the Gricar mystery beyond one person's opinion. Since I expect you do not, carry on with the mutual blog love affair!

Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong. JJ's analysis is interesting and thought provoking. But it's by no means the only take on the Gricar mystery.

Kristen @ Motherese said...

Your missing person posts always remind me how far the Internet has taken us from the days of missing person photos on the back of my childhood milk cartons.

Thanks for your continued interest in these cases and for spreading information about them.

T.J. Carson said...

I have just tagged you! You're it!!! NO TAG BACKS! SHA-LA-LA-LA Oxen Free!! ok I don't remember how that goes but I just tagged you! I tagged a bunch of people I don't know very well because I want to get to know you better! Check out my blog to find out how to play!!!

Slamdunk said...

Thanks for the comments all.

@ TJ Carson: Thanks I'll look into it.

@ Anonymous: "Love affair?" Ha, JJ sends me $250 a month to promote his blog. I am a capitalist you know.

Seriously, I am open to diverse opinions on the Gricar matter and any other case I discuss.

You are welcome to suggest another blog or site that I should be linking that counters JJ's "bias" on the Gricar case--unless it is pages and pages of banter from a discussion board as those don't work well in offering folks a concise opinion.

J. J. in Phila said...

Anonymous, Slamdunk and I share things in common.

First, neither one of us has said any option is probable, i.e. is more than 50% likely.

Second, both of have written about various scenarios. Neither one of use is pushing a scenario.

Third, both of us are relatively active on an ongoing basis. Slamdunk goes into different subjects where I really stick to just the Gricar case.

Slamdunk has a broader perspective and I welcome that. Maybe something that happens in one case will inspire a result in another.

Slamdunk, I'll send you this month's payment as soon as I get my Mercedes. :)

Shannon said...

Thanks for the updates. Hopefully the news will help spark new leads.

Kimi said...

The updates are great. Thank you. You might want to add this recent missing person to the list: Martin Caballero (47-years-old). Last seen on Friday at Atlantic City in Northern New Jersey. Details here: http://www.nbc40.net/view_story.php?id=13326

J. J. in Phila said...

Kimi, I heard about that one on the local news. His car was found burnt out in Camden.

jodeeluna said...

These cases are sobering yet intriguing. I appreciate the information even though so many of them are a parent's worse nightmare. Thanks for helping the rest of us remember!

Silver Strands said...

Wow. Thanks so much for keeping us all updated. I hope you have a really good week.

Miss Caitlin S. said...

Gosh, so unfathomable and sad!! Ugh, especially the Morgan one- can you imagine since 1994? Sad. Thanks for keeping up to date on this, such an interesting topic.

Clara said...

Thank you so much once again Slam, you are doing a great thing here.

I wish a lot of strenght to the victim´s families and themselves.

theslynch said...

Agreed. Great idea. I've passed this along to Twitter friends. Keep it comin' papa. We're listening.

Slamdunk said...

@ Kimi: No, I'll have to look that one up.

@ theslynch, Silver Strands, and Shannon: Thank you.

J. J. in Phila said...

Kini and Slamdunk,

An arrest was made in the Caballero case. It was murder and his body has been recovered.


Slamdunk said...

@ JJ: Thanks for the update on the case Kimi mentioned. I had not seen it.

Lauren said...

Was "Low" Jackson ever questioned? I read that he took off quickly after Brianna went missing..

Slamdunk said...

@ Lauren: Thanks for your question.

I am not aware of authorities releasing information about interviews with "Low" Jackson. My guess is "yes," but it is simply an educated guess.

I'll send your question to BobKat, the Maitland case guest blogger, and see if he has anything to add.

I can then post his response here as well.

BobKat said...


"Low" Jackson was not, as far as I know considered to be "questionable" at the time Brianna disappeared, although he was known by all of Brianna's friends. I wrote previously based on an interview with her then house-mate, that she had introduced "Low" to both her house-mate and house-mate's father. The house-mate got the impression Brianna was "hanging out" with him.

An interview with a girlfriend of "Lows" suggested he was upset the night she disappeared, and had left prior to when she disappeared in an agitated mood. Simply what i was told, and not proven.

Other person's, three friend's of Brianna's, alleged he threatened them saying"... "he could make them disappear like he did Brianna" - this is of course anecdotal and not verified, I heard about this during the course of my involvement interviewing her friends.

It's very possible "Low" was simply a "target of suspicion", after Brianna disappeared. Whether he was questioned by the police I don't recall, but I expect he was. And yes, he didn't stay long after the fact... moved back to N. Carolina as far as I know.

It's also possible "Low" could have become a source of jealousy, and resentment, for others interested in Brianna, if in fact she was seeing him (sexually) as some have suggested. If true, that could have provided a motive for others to victimize her.

I mentioned him in my posts on SD only to point out the fact her friend did tell me Brianna had introduced him to her and her father... beyond that, he's simply another mystery in her disappearance.

Her house-mate did tell me she "didn't trust him". They had moved to Vermont from CT., to get away from the crime... and he struck them as the type of individual they had moved to be away from.

He was 26 at the time and other interviews I had allege he liked to hang out around the HS... was frequently seen there.

None of this is intended to make him out to be "a person of interest", but rather, his presence is of interest, and his relationship with Brianna, whatever it was, makes one curious.