25 Secrets Revealed

The talented LisaF over at Peripheral Perceptions tagged me with disclosing 25 things about me.

So here are 25 dark secrets bland revelations about the all too often clueless author of this blog:
1) I have been told that my eyes appear green or blue depending on a variety of factors.

2) I was always known as the fastest running kid in school. I finished first in fitness in my police academy class. I am certainly now not considered the fastest dad.

3) I have little fashion sense. If I can exit the house without hearing a "Oh, you are not wearing that," I assume I have passed the daily wardrobe test.

4) In the school district that I attended, I went to the smallest elementary school in the state and then graduated from the largest high school in the state.

5) At 21, I was the second youngest person in my police academy class, and a few years later was the youngest supervisor in my agency.

6) My mother passed away several years ago, but she met and married my father in Somalia (I have blogged before that she worked for the CIA and my father was an active-duty Marine).  About two years before her death, they bought a retirement home across the street from the ocean in South Texas on North Padre Island. Both agreed that the wicked heat and humidity reminded them of the good times they had in Africa.

7) Our twins celebrated their 4th birthdays recently. I have no idea where the time has gone.

8) My drug of choice is salt.  I would definitely choose salt and vinegar potato chips over any dessert offering.

9) I like spicy foods, but my wife hates almost everything with kick.  As a result, I rarely eat spicy foods.

10) I took several years of Spanish in high school and college, and have always been disappointed with myself that I have not developed a working knowledge of the language.  It is just from lack of practice.

11) I don't sleepwalk, but my brother does.  It can be scary.  As a child, I would always tell him of what weird things he said and did walking around the house in the dark.

12) Since moving north, the long winters and the general unfriendliness of the people around here have been the worst part.

13) As a police officer, I learned to drive primarily with my left hand--since the right was busy answering the radio, activating lights, flipping switches, holding maps, etc.  Who knew that I was preparing myself for later in life when I now need my right hand to distribute drink boxes, snack bags, books, and DVDs to demanding kids in the back seat?

14) I put mustard on many things that I eat.  The family joke is that I would likely consider cereal with mustard--which is not far from the truth.

15) My first teen job was working at a zoo in food concessions.  On weekends they assigned me to a cart selling ice cream.  I enjoyed the work and the talking with people immensely.

16) I am not sure that I would have been a blogger had I fully understood how much sleep I lose per week writing posts, commenting on blogs, researching topics, and responding to emails.

17) I can belch on command--I have not figured out how to list that skill on my resume though.

18) We have a home phone number that is so simple that it reminds others of pizza place's desired number.  At least it is easy for the kids to remember.

19) We can watch our town's fireworks show from the field behind our house.  My responsibility is to make sure that there is an area of low cut grass for the neighbors to put the chairs, and to bring extra seats.  It sure beats having to worry about parking though.

20) I don't sleep enough (ok, who does).

21) I have mentioned before that our family adopted a mix-breed dog from the humane society.  My responsibilities?  Feed him, brush him, walk him, remove his droppings from the yard, take him to any vet appointments, train him, and throw his toys/play with him.  Isn't that how "family" things always are with pets?  Everyone wants one, but they all disappear when there is work.

22) My baseball career ended (in my opinion) because I have a lousy throwing arm.  I was accurate, but had what was described as a lollipop arm.

23) I have never competed in a running race longer than a 10 K.

24) I have several email accounts--each I use for a different purpose (work-related, personal, blogging, etc.).  The blogging email is open these days more and more--enough so that the Mrs. will holler at me to check the personal email account when she has sent me a message to review.  In other words she is saying, shut the stupid blog email and look at the "real you" inbox.

25) I was told by my mom that I was born with lots of curly black hair on my noggin. If only I had known, it was downhill in the hair department from there.
As Lisa stated: this is a difficult exercise.

Thanks for bearing with me on this one, and have a good weekend.


Aries said...

Hi, just blog hopping. Guess I drop in at the right time. Get to know so much about you on my first visit. Have a nice weekend.

passionofthemom said...

Interesting you are. ;) I always blank out from all the cool facts about myself when called upon to do things like this, and wind up with the dumbest facts ever! LOL Kudos for keeping your wits about you and having all the cool answers. =)

Sister Copinherhair said...

I enjoyed reading this, Slam. I did 101 Things About Me but of course, it was a few years ago and I think some of it has changed and should be updated.

Anyway, blogging does suck up a lot of time. It's stuck right in the morning routine over coffee...Facebook, email, news, weather, bank account/bills, back up Blackberry, blogs. :)

I like the driving with the left hand thing...it means Indubitably can hold my hand with his right. ;)

Diane said...

But can you belch out the alphabet.....? Great list and so fun. :O)

Matthew Rush said...

Nice ta get to know you better Slam.

Herding Cats said...

Nice facts!

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Love this post and so much fun! I feel like I know you better. My husband is a sleep EATER, which in my opinion, is worst that a sleep walker. A 10k is nothing to laugh about, that's a great distance to have run a race. Have a fabulous weekend!

J. J. in Phila said...

I enjoyed that! :)

I might do one after the Gricar case is resolved.

Until then, here is one.

In 1999, I achieved the highest professional accreditation in my professional group. I was the youngest person to achieve that in the state.

As of 2009, I was still the youngest person to hold that professional accreditation in the state.

Crystal Escobar said...

That was so fun to read, great getting to know you better. I know what you mean about not getting enough sleep :) I didn't know you had twins, sooo cool!

Rhiannon Nicole said...

This is fabulous! I loved learning a bit more about you, Slam! The family pet thing really made me chuckle; you sound like my dad but it's oh so true. And blogging and time! oh my gosh don't get me started. I feel like I need an assistant to blog for e but then that would be work and blogging is supposed to be fun, right? Right :) Have a good weekend my friend! xx

Donna M. Kohlstrom said...

Thanks for sharing! And for the giggles as I relate to many of your "secrets"! It's been fun getting to know you better!

Ann T. said...

Dear Slamdunk,
I am right with you on the blogging. It takes over time like kudzu over Georgia.

Speaking of which, I did sign a personal letter Ann T. once, which called into question my mental state on the other end.

Have a great weekend!
Ann T. I think.

Clara said...

Wow, mustard with cereal, thats brilliant! lol
And your parents are awesome!! Seriously! And what a life you have Slam, this is incredible!
Thanks for sharing!

Erin said...

You sound like somebody I want to be friends with.

Luisa Doraz said...

I have really enjoyed getting to know you better. :) Thanks. Number 17 cracks me up. lol :) Have fun this weekend.

Theresa Milstein said...

I like learning more about you. And a few of them made me laugh (like hair and mustard).

My kids' eyes do that funny blue-green thing too.

I used to work a cotton candy stand. It was so sticky!

Angelia Sims said...

This is great! I learned so much about you from one wittle post.

Now pass the juice box, ya pro! :-D

jodeeluna said...

That was fun! What a clever post idea!

Candice said...

I really enjoyed this post.

I used to be so fluent in Spanish. I took it all through highschool and a few years in college. I read novels, watched TV, and wrote 20 pg papers all in spanish and have forgotten most of it. *sigh*

This may surprise you, but I can also belch on command.

I LOL'ed at your wife's "real you" comment. That sounds like something a wife would say (a wife like me anyway... :)

tattytiara said...

I've been driving with my left hand ever since taking flying lessons. Once you've developed the habit of driving with one hand it's so hard to go back to two - you feel like you've got one too many appendages on the wheel, like you've stuck a foot in there or something, doesn't it?

sheri said...

slam, this is one of the best posts i've read when you're asked to tell us things about yourself! you come across as self-confident, honest, and a guy with a really big heart for his family...a winning combination in my book! thanks for having the guts to spill the beans here...YOU really are a great guy!!

LisaF said...

These things are always so challenging when in the throws of coming up with items...but I love getting to "know' things about the bloggers I read.

#2. Your kids are FOUR! You are a superhero to them. Enjoy it while it lasts.
#8. Ummm, NO.
#13. It's called "on the job parent training."
#16. No joke.
#17. I'm sure when you do we can all say goodbye to the 10% unemployment rate.

Thanks for playing. :-)

T. Anne said...

I love how the right hand has new responsabilities when you drive! Twin four year olds? You really do have your hands full. It was fun learning more about you!

BobKat said...


Your dog could use a friend. My cats are my friends...

Thank-you for sharing.

ocmist said...

Great post to get to know more about you, and you sound like a great guy and a wonderful dad! I can relate on almost all of the comments about blogging, if that makes you feel any better. My relatives are starting to use my blogging/facebook email instead of my personal email now... :(

Holly said...

That is a pretty good peek into Slamudunk! I'll have to ask my Dad about the driving lefthanded thing...I never thought about that!

Who knew blogging would take so much time? I thought it was supposed to be "easy." Do I dare admit that I to can belch on command...quite a talent!

Eternally Distracted said...

Great facts... although not sure about the salt thing! ;0)

Romi said...

"shut the stupid blog email and look at the "real you" inbox."...hahaha :-)

This was actually pretty great; funny as well as poignant, so I'm glad you got through making the list!

WomanHonorThyself said...

love this post Slam..learned so much about ya..now what do I do with that info?..lolz..:)

Rachel Cotterill said...

Now I want to know *what* affects the colour of your eyes! (Mine are just a mix-up of colours.)

Also - yummmm mustard :) If you get a hot enough mustard you can compensate for the dearth of spicy foods in your life otherwise.

Bob G. said...

That's alright...you "done good".

Learned a lot here...even about myself.

Nice job.

Krista said...

This was really fun to read!

I'm with you on 16 and my friend Captain Handsome can relate with you on 18. He is constantly getting phone calls inthe middle of the night from people wanting a cab. :o)

terri said...

That was fun. You don't talk about yourself often enough.

BTW, I can belch on demand too. But I don't get much call for that skill.

Slamdunk said...

Thanks all.

I was suprised to learn about how many "belchers" there are. Perhaps a secretive club will form sometime with us and we will get sponsored by a beverage company that provides freebies. Yikes I think I am delirious and need sleep now...

James (SeattleDad) said...

Great stuff there. Very cool that you actually had a baseball career to have ended.

Suzanne said...

I am a lover of salt too! But definitely not a runner. I think I am came in last when we had to run in high school for class. Well not last, since me and another girl walked together that last lap.

Anyway, got some good stuff here and now I know you just a bit better!