Retro Works for Scammers as Well

A retro scam targeting your personal information is becoming popular again:
..."The scam works with a phone call in which the caller identifies himself as an officer of the court and says a warrant is out for your arrest because you failed to report for jury duty," Engel said...

"You say you never received a notice. To clear it up, the caller says he'll need some information for 'verification purposes' -- your birth date, social security number, maybe even a credit card number," he added.

"This is when you should hang up the phone," Engel added. "It's a scam. With this information, scammers can assume your identity and empty your bank accounts."

As a rule, court officers do not solicit confidential information over the phone...

Is this where I knock on wood and confess that I have never been called for jury duty?

When it does happen, my policing background will result in me getting a quick boot home for any criminal trials.

My Marine Corps father is now too old for this duty, but got called multiple times to serve on juries. He told me that he was always removed from consideration after officials learned that he was military police and prison guard during his time in the service.

Either that or he went into one of his infamous "everyone is guilty of something so these cases should be decided much more quickly" speech during a coffee break at the courthouse or something, and the officials could not have gotten rid of him faster.

Have you ever been summoned for jury duty?


Jackie said...

Never... My mom was once, but she was a university student at the time and couldn't miss classes so she was excused. I know a lady who was called for jury duty and they picked her and she had to appeal as the court house was over an hour away from her home and she had no car to get there and back (no public transit either before you ask).

so yeah there is my long and slightly non-related answer as usual


Miss Caitlin S. said...

haha, that's funny though I couldn't tell if your dad said that because he believed it or because he wanted out of duty. I have been summoned once when I was 19 in college and they dismissed me immediately when I showed up looking like the freshman in college that I was. I think it would be kind of cool to be on duty but I'm not sure I'm qualified to say that. And i'm wise enough to know to not give my soc out over the phone.

suz said...

Once when I was pregnant and ill, never even had to show up. Once for at civil suit (excessive force, He was TWICE the size of thecops who 'beat him up') Excused - maybe something to do with the 2 cops listed on my jury questionnaire...

Donna M. Kohlstrom said...

I've been called to jury duty several times including this month. But because of some health problems, I've always been excused.

My daughter-in-law was called to jury duty this week and had the flu and laryngitis. She showed up because she had been excused previously. Haven't heard back from her yet, but I would assume they sent her home because she was coughing on everyone and couldn't say a word!

Diane said...

The only time I received a summons I had just had my son. I called the phone number and they took me off the list. It's been 8 years now, no calls. :O)

Elena said...

I love jury duty! I served on a criminal drug case in Brooklyn many years ago. Here in Virginia I served on a civil case three years ago. A couple of months ago I got called again but never made it to the seated panel.

Unlike NY where we had to sit in a room for a week, and if you didn't make a panel you were excused, here in Virginia you're "on call" for the month. So I never knew until the night before if I had to report or not. It seems more cases are settled out of court in VA, like right before the trial, than they were in NY

Steve Finnell said...

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malone8 said...

My husband and I have been called to jury duty more than once, yet have never received this type of call.

However, no matter how many times I tell him not to talk with anyone we don't know he does. Recently we were scammed when he gave information. Luckily, I was able to straighten it out with the bank.

All the best - Maxi

Matthew Rush said...

Never been, but I would love to go! Even if I got declined or whatever it all seems so interesting. I'm sure it's boring in reality, but it sounds very exciting.

Bob G. said...

When you work for the Treasury Dept (IRS) or a security department for a major retailer (as I have), you LEARN what sounds and looks SO good isn't quite what is being "sold"...REAL fast.

It's not a case of being a's just common sense mixed w/ caution.

Can't see the whole arrest gig regarding jury duty IF you have never receievd a a FORMAL "invitation" BY the courts listing dates to show up.
But if you IGNORE them, they will send you a MAILED "reminder" before a bench warrant is eventally issued.

Never head of ANY court that CALLS you...bogus as the day is long.

I also wash out of jury duty because of being BIAS when it comes to LEOs.
I also wahsed wheh it came to a child abuse case...I can;t stand those people that do that to kids...period.

BTW: Your Dad's RIGHT.


Good post.

ladyfi said...

Nope, I*ve never had to do jury duty.

Amazing how many scams there are at the moment... too sad!

Meadowlark said...

Sadly, have only been called twice and never made it into a trial. Didn't even get ASKED into a trial. I seem to only get called on the weeks where there's nuthin'. :(

I honestly can't wait to do my part.

Theresa Milstein said...

I was summoned a few times. Once in college. Nobody picked me. Once when my son was a baby. I think I had to go just for the morning and wasn't even a potential juror. Last time, a few years ago. I sat two days on a civil case. It costs me $100 to have someone watch my children, but it was a rewarding experience.

Three years is up and they've contacted me again. I have to show up this fall.

Kristin said...

I've been summoned twice and was excused because I was going to be on my honeymoon once and I had just had a baby the other time. I'm sure my time is coming! HA!

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

So odd you posted about scammers today because the morning radio show was discussing this today too. I have never been called for jury duty either. I'm sure I would be dismissed because I'm much too opinionated for anyone's like. I know some people that have been called like 2-3 times!!! They must not be as outspoken as me.

Angelia Sims said...

I thought I was the only one not called for jury duty. I'm 39. I bet I get called now for saying that. I really wouldn't mind though. :-)

RD said...

I was summoned twice.

I served on the Grand Jury for a month ten years ago, and then spent a day being reject from trial after trial two years ago.

Momma Fargo said...

Yes. Several times. I get out of it being the popo and all. Dang it.

joanny said...

Hi there:

Yes been called to jury duty-- we do not have many people here in Oregon, so it isn't surprising you get called more often then the big cities back east.

However, it is always a US postal notice sent in the mail, with instructions and where to go and who to contact.

We live in strange times, so much to be concerned with, it is a wonder though, how we live our daily lives in relative safety.

Although I moved out west in order to raise a family. Never looked back.

cheers, Joanny

Anastasia said...

I've never been called. And actually am kind of disappointed. I want to go at least once!

Kimi said...

Thanks for sharing this information. I wasn't aware of this. I've been notified for Jury Duty, but only in writing and had to call every day to check whether I was to be confirmed...I didn't have to serve on jury duty, but this information you've provided Slam Dunk is another awareness people should know more about. Scammers are everywhere though, so always be cautious and if your gut tells you it doesn't feel right, listen to you. It does take common sense and smarts to overcome it.

J. J. in Phila said...

I don't give out nonpublic information over the telephone. I don't give out personal information on others without their permission or a warrant (and yes, I have declined to give it to police without a warrant).

As for jury duty, due to being disabled, I indicate that I'd have to it while laying. I wonder why I'm never called. :)

BobKat said...

A Two Part post there Slam... 1) alerting visitors to a potential scam, and 2) "Jury Duty". I expect you didn't intend to do that, however you did, and I'm commenting on #2.

Never been called to jury duty, in the three states I've lived in so far. But like others here I love to serve. Once, mid-1970's I sat in a bar drinking beer beside a person who turned out to be a judge (you just never know who you might meet in a bar). The topic of "jury duty" came up and I told him I've love to do jury duty. He said, "we need people, you should call them up and volunteer".

So I did, only to be told "we don't accept volunteers". Bummer. So either the guy sitting next to me that night wasn't a judge, or he didn't know you can't volunteer.

Regardless... I've given up on the desire to serve on a jury as inevitably I would be prohibited due to my "pot pipe/marijuana infraction" (I discussed already) back in the 1980's. Yeah, I'm open-minded, but I also I am very much into research, and have accrued much knowledge over the years... there's no way I could pass the test to serve on a jury - I'm simply "too something or other..."


Krista said...

I would love to do jury duty but I never get called!

Well... once I got the summons but I had to decline because missing more than a day of work would have created severe financial hardship. Now, it would be covered as one of the benefits of my job... but I don't get the call. Ah well... maybe someday! :o)

makingnew said...

I have somehow avoided jury duty thus far - never been summoned. I'm sure it'll happen though.

Holly said...

I have never had to serve...either because of finances or because of kids...but have not been called in awhile now. My Dad always said to use that same line.

ocmist said...

I'd heard of this scam before. It was so bad around here that they put it on one of our news stations on the TV.

I've been called quite a few times, but only have gone a couple of times. Usually it was to much of a hardship when the kids were young, I was working, or the past several years I've had health issues.

The first time, I sat in the waiting room all day and didn't get called, and the second time, I got into a courtroom, but then dismissed because I worked for the public school system and it was a child abuse case.

Meg said...

I have never been called to jury duty..but I prob will now...thanks a

Lipstick said...

I haven't been summoned, but one of my friends was summoned and the court called her and asked about her child care arrangements and said something about "her husband." She was totally freaked how did they know she was married (or still married, etc).

Turns out it was legit, just a really unprofessional court person.