Part VI: Christine Walters Missing Person

I am glad to actually have a Missing Person Monday post on a Monday for a change.

No new developments in the Walters' case have been reported specifically, but the following two articles appear to lend credence to one type of theory explaining her disappearance.

Case Summary

On November 12, 2008, twenty-three-year-old Christine Lindsey Walters was transported to a nearby hospital after being found nude and confused on the doorstep of a rural home in Arcata, California.

Evidently, Christine would not disclose any details to police as to her previous whereabouts, but did contact her mother in Wisconsin stating that she had been involved in a "ceremony", and believed that someone was following her.

She was treated medically, allegedly tested negative for drugs, and released from the hospital.

Christine, with the help of her parents, rented a room at a local hotel. Once she was settled, her parents then began arranging for a flight back to her home in Wisconsin.

On November 14th, Christine retrieved some paperwork at a local copy center that her mother had faxed to her. Workers described her behavior as paranoid.

Christine left the copy center and has not been seen since.


Additional Thoughts on the Case

A follower of Christine's case emailed me an article about a recent search for evidence not far from where she was last seen.

At the location, authorities were searching for body parts related to other missing persons cases and not Ms. Walters, but it is interesting to note the detective's belief that there are more human bones in those woods. 

This is at least the third instance of human remains being found in that area.
The Humboldt County Coroner's Office took advantage of clear skies Saturday to begin a search for human remains and, with a little luck, some answers in a years-old missing person case.

But a team of forensic analysts, cadaver dogs and volunteers from the coroner's office was unable to unearth any clues in the area known as Cooper Gulch. The search came after a resident reported finding a human pelvic bone earlier this month, said Coroner Dave Parris.

”You know the (missing) bones are down there,” said Parris while the crew packed up after more than three hours of searching and clearing brush with machetes. “We were hoping to find some additional evidence down there, so it's disappointing.”

In my last case post, I discussed some of "Brian's" opinions over at the missing person's site Peace 4 the Missing.  Though I did take issue with some of Brian's assertions, his concern that area homeless may been involved in Ms. Walter's disappearance is certainly reasonable.

This article describing the regular encounters of the county's two park rangers with the homeless and vagrant make-shift camps in the woods supports an "Encounter with a Transient" theory.

So what do these two articles mean in relation to the Christine Walters' case--the search of a wooded area where human bones have been found and the description of active homeless camps in that area?

That a young woman who enjoyed taking long hikes alone in the area's dense forests could possibly have encountered an individual or group of subjects far from the eyes and ears of anyone else.

The photo was used from Christine Walters' family site, and my previous posts on this case are here.


Miss Caitlin S. said...

Very interesting. I hope it's figured out soon, I feel so bad for the families of these long-term missing persons :( Your last sentence is eerie but very well said- she may have just met that fate.

Holly said...

So sad, so tragic. I cannot imagine not knowing. I too think the probability of her encountering someone in those woods while she was alone a=could very well account for her disappearance. The fact that they are looking for numerous bones is just eery.

Donna M. Kohlstrom said...

I can only begin to imagine what a horrible feeling it is to have your child missing. I pray that they will find her and the person(s) that did this unspeakable thing to her.

Diane said...

Scariness! I used to walk in our local woods by myself when I was 12. Not no more baby!!! :O)

ladyfi said...

Poor poor family.. such a tragic loss.

Brian Miller said...

wow. i can not imagine to understand how the family must feel...shivers.

Portia said...

Wow, this case continues to disturb me. Thanks for keeping the updates coming. I feel for her family ...

SoccerMom said...

Very interesting. I read alot of fiction murder mystery type of stuff. So I love to hear the stuff you post.

But sad at the same time.

Matthew Rush said...

You've posted on this case before, right? Thanks for the update Slam.

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Maybe she's not dead, maybe she joined the homeless gang or something? Just a thought...

Bob G. said...

I saddens me to see that our world has changed SO much since I was a child...

On the one hand, we have ALL this technology as our disposal for darn near everything in life.

On the other hand, we have a level of depravity walking among us that has us all looking over our shoulders and trying like anything to protect our children, hoping they grow up with the values we're attempting to instill in that THEY don't become another statistic.

Excellent post and comments by all.

obladi oblada said...

This is a case I had not yet heard about...and I thought I knew most of them!

Wow...the fact that she was paranoid makes me think that she had a feeling someone was after her, that she was aware of a looming threat or something. Multiple bones in woods and a "ceremony"....doesnt sound good. I hope she comes home to her family soon.

J. J. in Phila said...

This is one that could go either way.

Ms. Walter's personal life was such that he could have chosen to join a group. She was also in a potential situation where harm would come to her.

Stina Lindenblatt said...

I wonder if they had something to do with the "ceremony." It's just so strange that she goes missing twice.

BobKat said...

I believe the Christine Walter's case has something for many of us - based on our own environment, our past, and our beliefs, Christine's story stirs up thoughts and ideas.

For myself, I wish to argue, the camp of homeless people is a generalization. It would take only one bad apple in the bunch. So maybe focus on a bad apple rather than people out of a home.

Second, from what I've read, where she was the night before, and what happened the following morning leads to questions. Her backpack left behind, for instance (unless I err in that account).

I don't think this is a case of "Resident Evil", stalking our adventurous Christine. I think we have an individual who meant to hurt her and did, or she decided to go to Peru, or some obscure island to find adventure.

Yes, she had planned to meet her parents, but at that age, parents sometimes are the last people you may want to see. What I mean is she may have had a real scare, and contacted them. Then wished she hadn't.

Thanks for the update Slam, as always.

secret agent woman said...

How do we know she wasn't experiencing her first psychotic break, with the onset of, say, schizophrenia? And incidentally, a sizable portion of the homeless population are mentally ill and/or have substance abuse issues, particularly since the de-institutionalization movement of the '70's.

Momma Fargo said...

Very interesting case as it develops. Eerie. But plausible. Can't wait for more.

SuziCate said...

As much as I enjoy the wilderness, I don't like being alone. I've heard too many horror stories (my dad used to read those detective magazines when I was a kid!) I sure hope they have some answers for those parents soon. My heart goes out to them.

jodeeluna said...

This post made me shutter. I have a beautiful twenty-three year old daughter and I cannot imagine such a horrible ordeal as having her disappear.

Crystal Escobar said...

Ooh, that's creepy! And so sad.

katiemccoach said...

She looks like an actress I've seen before. So pretty. Poor thing though that's terrible.

Anonymous said...

Twice here in Mobile, where we have homeless as it's warm enough for them to live in wooded areas, they also found human bones. They belonged to two homeless men - unrelated to each other in different areas. There was no foul lay involved.
Paris could have meant many things.

Anonymous said...

In IL they've passed a new law on how long DNA takes to be tested. It sounds like a good idea!

OneSurvivor said...

I hate to say it, but this rings of cult activity. Humboldt is known for that. It is sad...I hope she is found safe, but she may never be found.

Paskell said...

I just have to say that this is very tragic.. For all here. Christine and her family. If there is so many issues with the homeless down there, why isnt that being addressed? If she is 'one' of the homeless, why arent they looking? Or Looked.. 'if she lost her mind?' she needs to be found and helped. Wow.. Where has common sense gone... ?

So Basically... what I am seeing.. is this, if Anyone desired to 'murder' someone, all they would have to do is, go there and get it done... No One continues to look...No one cares. Case Closed. Now this angers me. Whats Wrong here??
If she can be found, why arent they listening to Brian? It wouldnt have been dragged on so long. With her family Going through the Up and downs of Hopes. That becomes overwhelming...

I have gone to Brian For many things. He has been So Accurate..
(100%) I have asked him, if he has been my shadow through my life..
I would put All My Money On Him... *if I gambled* that he would find the location of this girl. So the Healing or Joy can start..
Or the Murderer Be Found!! Apparently No One Is safe if there are "bone'S" Out there... What do they know and arent saying... I would Talk More with Brian On This.. He is able to see so much... Beyond the physical Eyes...If there were more like Brian, I doubt many of these cases wouldnt go unsolved. People would have Peace Either Way so Healing would take place.
Brings to mind the Movie... "Lovely Bones" We need See Whats Going On here.. and If We Cant. Then Go to Those Who Can. God Put Them here For A Reason.

Slamdunk said...

@ Paskell: I appreciate you taking time to leave a comment, and for your opinion.

Slamdunk said...

@ both anonymous commenters and OneSurvivor: Thanks for your comments and for the link.

Ann T. said...

Dear Slamdunk,
This missing person case and the woman in Alaska I find the most alarming cases you write about.

I hope for an answer: for her family, and for us all.

Ann T.

Anonymous said...

Hello again Mr Slam Dunks

following on from my last message;
other people involved with pseudo-tantric OC / THB networks who are FB friends of Brian Schider are:

David Cates - some fake ass "body therapist" who heals vulnerable women of PTSD be massaging their intimate areas - he is very involved with "baba" Dez Nichols and the other vile people at the Sedona Temple.

Alison Roberts - a UK based "tantric healer" with many OC contacts and friends

Anastas Harris - "tantra" teacher with many very serious OC contacts involved in THB and other crimes

Chris Oliphant - new age healer with many serious OC contacts

Crystal Dawn Morris - "tantric" healer involved with the Tempe of 1 - subsidiary of the Phoenix Goddess Temple - many OC connections

Mare Simone - another "tantric" healer with many OC connections

Amara Charles - "sex and intimacy expert" - in fact a recruiter and agent for a notorious fake Native American tribe / militia the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society (DTMMS) that are involved in THB and other crimes, really disgusting, scary people. The people at the website can help you with intel re these people

Al Link - another "tantric sex coach" with many OC contacts involved in THB recruitment

The above contacts are only the ones I know well, there are many others I recognise from perusing the FB friends lists of various dubious individuals involved in OC generally and THB specifically.

Another concern is counsellors, psychotherapists and "new age" healers who might have wormed their way into the lives of Christine's family following her disappearance. the OC networks I research typically use corrupt / compromised mental health professionals to harvest intelligence and manipulate victim choices.

Please be very careful about contacting Christine's family in haste. This needs to be thought about with great care.

Please also be aware that I have done my best to alert LE in the US to what is happening re these networks generally. They are responsible for many ruined lives. I don't want you treading on anyone's toes or getting into problems yourself. Tread carefully and be aware that people involved in the search for Christine may have been compromised by OC networks.

I also have concerns about the forum. They include a forensic astrology subforum and welcome contributions from "psychics". This is extremely concerning to me and indicates that the whole forum may be compromised and in fact simply serve to distract and divert investigations.

I hope this is helpful

All the best


Anonymous said...

Sorry my bad english but.. One thing comes to my mind: psychosis.
I have experienced looong amphetamine psychosis years ago, i run in the woods like crazy because i thought "they" are going to kill me.. I imagined trees being as human etc..
I called "911" and police came and took me to psychiatric hospital - i was kicked out after sleeping couple days.. I was still f*ckin skitzo but they didn't care because I was just turned 18.. Thats how they handle things in Finland.
Next about six months i was paranoid as hell but luckily i understood get antipsychotic meds and after about three months i was back to "normal" (i will never be the same person after that experience) and now i realize how lucky I'm being alive and not dead somewhere in those woods!