Part X: Kathleen McBroom Missing Person

Just a short update on this case for my Missing Person Monday segment...

Case Summary

Sheila Kathleen "Beany" McBroom has not been seen since October 27, 2008 near her hometown of Anchorage, Alaska. On that morning she did not show up for work, but was stopped and interviewed by an Alaska State Trooper who was investigating a reckless driving complaint.

Reportedly, the trooper was the last person to see Ms. McBroom.

Four days later, family members discovered her abandoned truck on a highway south of Anchorage. The vehicle contained her cell phone and other personal items, but offered no sign of Kathleen.

Prior to disappearing, Ms. McBroom was an avid writer and her online journal can be viewed here.



An anonymous reader, recently left the following comment about the McBroom case on one of my posts:


Not sure if you've accessed the legal filings for the presumptive death action yet:

While the pleadings aren't online--her husband filed the presumptive death action within a month of her disappearance. There would be no reason to do that that I (a probate and tax attorney) can think of unless you KNEW she was deceased and the body was not going to be found.

It went to a jury trial and the jury gave them the ruling they wanted--it must have been very compelling evidence---and it should be public record, copies should be available at the court house and appear to be available by written request per the CourtView FAQs.

Hope that helps.....
*Note: After writing this, it seems that the Alaska's Court Records site listed above is down until sometime on 9/27.  When it is operational again, I'll verify the link to Ms. McBroom's case again and modify it, if necessary.


I appreciate anonymous' comment, and was surprised to learn that the family began civil process to declare Ms. McBroom deceased less than 30 days after she vanished (I had been told it was soon by someone close to the investigation and blogged about it, but did not think that it happened that quickly).

With the case, I am still of the same mindset--that the only reason that I would obtain and review civil court records on Ms. McBroom are rooted in curiosity. 

And, I can't see where satisfying this curiosity would be beneficial to anyone.

So, I have no current plans to pursue legal documents on the presumptive death action described above.

For her many online friends, I did want to highlight the information provided by anonymous so that they are aware of the court records.

In any event. "Beany's" disappearance is a sad story for the many folks who cared about her.

Additional Notes

(1) I encouraged the "Anonymous" commenter to email me, and am currently encouraging her to become a guest blogger on some of the other crime cases that she follows--she has lots to offer readers.

(2) To view my other posts in this series follow this link: Kathleen McBroom Missing Person.


Stephen Tremp said...

I hate to hear about Missing Persons. I know of an entire family from my area that just vanished like a puff of smoke. The story was even on America's Most Wanted. No clues. Authorities have nothing to go on. Their car was found at the San Diego Mexican border, so one can speculate. But so far no one knows what happened.

Stephen Tremp

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

That sounds way weird. Did she have a big life insurance money or anything like that?

Diane said...

Poor thing. Hope some good comes out of this one and justice is done.

Creepy Query Girl said...

wow. I find it just amazing that you can find that kind of information on the net. And again- even more amazing that we don't hear about any follow ups by the polic handling the case. I mean, wouldn't they find it weird that her family acted so soon after her dissapearance. How very sad.

J. J. in Phila said...

I read Ms. McBroom's on-line journal.

Something that really struck me was the change of tone in the last two or three entries. It was almost a more metaphysical tone that wasn't there before.

To me, it was someone who made a decision and was at peace with it. I think the reason for her disappearance were hers. I would strongly suspect her loved ones reached the same conclusion, probably with a lot more detailed information.

It is sad. :(

ladyfi said...

Her poor family.

SoccerMom said...

So does that mean the husband had something to do with it?
That is so terrible.

Stina Lindenblatt said...

There's a husband and wife who went missing in July near where I life, and are presummed dead. Their camper was found burned, the truck abandoned. The suspect is in custody. Even though they haven't found the bodies, the extended family hasn't tried to have the couple ruled dead.

Really makes you wonder why Kathleen's family was so eager to rule her dead without anything indication she is.

Miss Caitlin S. said...

That is very interesting indeed and I am always so fascinated by missing persons. It's just so odd - like where did these people go? That is beyond interesting that the filed that so soon, unless they knew- I would think that they would still have hope. Anonymous brings up some very interesting points!

BobKat said...

Thanks Slam...

I can see why you've chosen not to pursue the documents, but have to say this whole story makes no sense. Even if one "assumes" Ms. McBroom committed suicide, where's her body? Did she leave a detailed note she was jumping into the mouth of a volcano? What "compelling evidence" could there be that a jury would decide so quickly, she's deceased?

Definitely not a missing person/resolution that settles well with me.

WomanHonorThyself said...

what a horror my friend..imaginable actually.............

carma said...

this is very very bizarre. Would love to find out more.

J. J. in Phila said...

BobKat, I'll let Slamdunk correct me if I'm wrong, but the car was found along high cliffs above a deep rive or the ocean. It was a somewhat remote area.

T'wasn't the Susquehanna.

Krista said...

Really, really sad. slam, I love your dedication to putting information about these cases together, and putting it 'out there'. I think you're doing a good thing.

It sure is sad that she is still missing. I always just have to think... someone somewhere misses her very much. :o(

Entre Nous said...

I'd have to agree it would be a relative knowing she was already deceased, that had major involvement, after learning of the request less than 30 days later.

Too bad Nancy Grace didn't get hold of this one. She does great work in forcing local law enforcement to take a good, hard, long look.

terri said...

So sad. I remember her... was connected just a little bit through the Cre8Buzz network. I didn't really know her, but had begun to read her blog a little just before her disappearance. She was just "one of us" and then she was gone. Things like that just don't happen to everyday people. Or so I thought.

Slamdunk said...

Sorry I am slow to respond this week folks...

@ Stephen: I remember hearing about that story and I am surprised that nothing has developed--it seems like one that would be solved.

@ MyHusbands...: No information like that has been made available to the public, and since police have not done much with the investigation, my guess is that there was none.

@ Stina: I was not familiar with that case up your way--thanks for the reference.

@ SoccerMom: The information released to the press and the lack of police activity seems to indicate that authorities believe suicide is to blame.

@ BobKat: From the printed reports, her vehicle was recovered near a drop-off that falls to a body of water. The week she went missing, the water was evidently turbulent, and not finding a body in that area is evidently more of an option than we are used to in the lower 48. There has been no indication of a note, but obviously something is in those court records.

Aleese said...

You people know nothing, she was my mom. The only reason she was said to be deceased is because of the circumstances. If you knew her and what was going on, you would not be quick to make judgments. We are still all very hurt by this, my mom was my best friend. Losing her was the worse thing to ever happen to me, so I thought until my brother committed suicide last year.

Aleesey chan said...

I see I commented on this in the past. I was upset when I read this and took it as assumotions. I'm currently looking into her case and a small bit of perculiar information has been brought to my attention.