Setting: The family visits a large shopping one-stop-for-all-box-store--the type that is now so common in the States.  "Sissy" is the know-it-all four-year-old sister that enjoys annoying her 4th grade "Big Brother" and seemingly mom and dad as well.

THE MRS.: Take Sissy and Big Brother and let them pick out ice cream treats. 

BIG BROTHER:  Yes!  I want a Nutty Butty.

SISSY: I want a Nutty Butty too!


THE MRS.: Open Sissy's treat for her.

ME: Here you go chickie.

Sissy starts chomping on the cold snack.

SISSY: Yum...  Wait...Uh, I don't like nuts.

ME: You ordered a Nutty Butty and you don't like nuts?

Sissy continues with the frown, so I carefully remove all of the frozen nuts with my hand, and give her back the now nutless Nutty Butty.

Since my hands are covered in chocolate and nuts, I excuse myself to find a garbage can.

Moments later, I return to the family.

THE MRS.:  Sissy needs to go to the bathroom.  Will you take her?

ME: You just started on your nutless Nutty Butty and you need to potty now?

SISSY: I have to go.

I give a head-shake and exhale.

ME: Ok, this way.

We enter the family restroom. I acheive my goal of touching nothing while holding the ice cream, while little daughter does her business.

Mission accomplished, she works on the Nutty Butty some more while we walk and then rejoin the family.

SISSY: All done. Thanks.

Sissy then hands me the partially eaten cone.  The melted ice cream gets on my hands again.

I just smile and think, I really can't picture my dad being this accommodating. 

He did have only sons though...


Have a great weekend everyone.


Crazy Owl said...

hai ... Greetings! ... I hope we can be good friends

Z Joya said...

patience is not one of my few virtues:) harhar:) you are blest to be a father and you are a blessing to your family.

suz said...

I'll never know how Mom and Dad raised four responsible girls; I had to dig deep to find the patience to raise Recruit! You are an angel!

Stephen Tremp said...

These moments only last a short while, the next thing you know they're asking for the car keys.

Herding Cats said...

You're a good dad :)

Diane said...

Awesome Dad! Hope you guys had a great holiday!!! :O)

Jackie said...

Aww!!! See it's moments like that you need to remember 'cause they're the best really!


My Husband's Watching TV... said... sound like such a good poppa!

J. J. in Phila said...

funny, and a good post Thanksgiving story. :)

joanny said...
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joanny said...

These moments make the best memories,

Happy Thanksgiving and congrats on surviving the mall, --


Travel Nurse Extraordinaire said...

Daddy's little girl

Hilary said...

You will SO miss these days when she can do it all herself.. sigh.

Sister Copinherhair said...

My ex brother in law was about thirteen years old and was at my house on the front porch eating a Nutty Buddy. Like they often do, the nuts were all falling off and onto his lap. I pointed that out to him.

He stood up and said, "When I stand up, my nuts hit the ground."


Clara said...

Omg how sweeeet! I know these moments are sweet and tiresome, but still, so freaking cute!

Diana said...



terri said...

You're a good dad :-) Clearly you have lots of patience for your little girl. And girls can be a handful, especially if you're used to boys. My husband has been known to ask things like, "Why does she cry so much?" I have to remind him that that's what girls do sometimes.

James (SeattleDad) said...

My dad didn't have to worry about that because we never got ice cream cones unless it was the end of the summer and all the 10,000 hay bales had been hauled for the year.

You and me? We are a new generation of dad. lol.

Midlife Jobhunter said...

Okay, like I'm thinking your dad probably had to hold the pop bottle with the backwash in it, or something.

I like your wife.

Momma Fargo said...

Love it! You put a big smile on my face. Great times with the kiddos!

SpirituallyHomeless said...

So cute, I like your little girl! :))

secret agent woman said...

I remember those days - little boys require every bit as much attention as little girls.

Jeanette Levellie said...

Wow, you are one great dad! I knew there were a few out there besides my hus.

Love the Nutless Nutty Butty story. Too hilarious!

SuziCate said...

Ha, I don't think fathers of our day were that accomodating even with daughters...You're a great Dad, and I think the little one knows it!

Bob G. said...

I bow to the superior patience you display as a parent.

Have a great week.

Kristin said...

Oh trust me...dads of sons do it too. The dude totally spit out an entire mouthful of chewed up apple into the hubs hand the other day!

carma said...

I like your conclusion - here is NO WAY my dad would have been even an ounce as accommodating. You are a good dad :)

LisaF said...

I think you will see the humor in this: