Debbie Flores-Narvaez

I had just a couple things on the missing person case of Debbie Flores-Narvaez. 

Case Summary

Ms. Flores-Narvaez is a showgirl in Las Vegas who reportedly was last seen on December 12.  On the night she vanished, her roommate (who filed the initial report) stated that Flores-Narvaez was going to visit her ex-boyfriend Jason Omar "Blu" Griffith at his residence.

Reportedly, Griffith confirmed that he spoke with the missing woman that evening, but has not seen her since. The victim's vehicle was found abandoned in a parking lot in the northern part of Las Vegas.

Flores-Narvaez's mother said that she received an odd message from her daughter on December 1 stating: "In case there is ever an emergency with me, contact Blu Griffith in Vegas. My ex-boyfriend. Not my best friend."* 

*Note: The mother was confused as to the meaning of the message--it is unclear.

Also, Las Vegas Metro Police arrested Blu Griffith in October of 2010 and charged him with battery/domestic violence of the missing woman and coercion (for allegedly throwing the victim's cell phone so that she could not contact authorities).


Comment #1: Look at the Police Report

Skip the summarized news accounts of the domestic violence incident between the couple and read the arresting officer's report, it reveals an unappealing picture of Griffith.  The report details include the large clump of the victim's hair recovered by police and him allegedly kicking her that caused visible bruising--this occurred while Flores-Narvaez was pregnant.  

Comment #2: Look at Griffith's Twitter

Griffith had not posted anything to this Twitter account since last year, but it is still revealing.

On July 8, 2009, he tweeted this:

"Just took a large gulp of that I don't give a (--expletive--) juice. You should fear a man who is willing to give anything to get everything. (Truth)"

Six of his next seven posts over 10 days focus on his frustration with women and relationships.


Police will continue to investigate Griffith's potential involvement and other possibilities that could explain the missing woman's disappearance.

My prayers are with Ms. Flores-Narvaez and her family.


Almamaria said...

I've been following this case at and it doesn't look good. An abusive ex-bf is the last one who sees her, claims that she was depressed and she vanishes after visiting him.
Why on earth did she go to see him alone?

Miss Caitlin S. said...

Thanks for summarizing this for me, I was trying to read this at the gym but my eyes aren't what they used to be and I couldn't make out much from the TV. Sad how girls can get wrapped up with knowingly bad guys like's in times like this that I wish that Tom Cruise Pre-Crime murder movie was true... where they could arrest people BEFORE they commit the crime as it was clear that this man wasn't safe. My prayers are with her as well.

Matthew Rush said...

I will say this: even though I don't fully understand twitter, it is nice that it can occasionally make it obvious what a moron someone is.

Of course it doesn't prove anything, and Blu should be "innocent until proven guilty" but he does not sound like a decent person.

I fear the worst in this one.

Bob G. said...


From what I've read about this, there are WAY too many "whys" to NOT make anyone think something wicked that way came.
(A beautiful girl, too - tragic indeed)

Good coverage.

Kristin said...

I fear this story will have a very unhappy ending.

A Doc 2 Be said...

Never a good thing when original report from October states that her hair was found on ex-bf's body or similar, AND that she wa pregnant?

omgosh... there is no good that can come from any of this :(

WomanHonorThyself said...

My prayers as well Slam...but hey...TIS THE SEASON!..SO LET'S try to be jolly eh! :) (hugs)

carma said...

how said that she hooked up with this dirtbag. And now I'm guessing a child will be left without it's mother (assuming she had the baby?)

carma said...

or did I read this wrong that she was pregnant this past October - either way - a tragedy

J. J. in Phila said...

Good coverage.

He sounds undesirable. That said, being undesirable does not make someone a murderer.

I'd be looking at him.

Maxi said...

Sounds as if she was trying to tell her mother if anything happened to her the former boyfriend would be to blame.

Stina Lindenblatt said...

Wonder why she stressed 'not her best friend' for a person to contact. That's what makes this case intriguing.

Momma Fargo said...

Most cases like this lead back to the violent spouse or partner. Sad case. Rarely are they strangers involved in foul play.

Anonymous said...

Hello.. Im trying to find someone who can give me some info on Jason. A friend? a family member? I would like to know more info on him. Anyone?