On Holly Bobo

I really plan to be back to blogging soon. 

I had to cancel my previous return--not being able to visit the blogs of others compounded with taxes and dad's return to the hospital are the cause of my recent hiatus. 

Anyway, I'll be back to writing and visiting in May.

Until then, I had one observation...


As the search continues for clues involving missing nursing student Holly Bobo, I was reminded of the kidnapping case of Kari Swenson:
  • Attractive young woman disappears in the daytime 
  • Authorities believe she was led into a wooded area by at least one male 
  • Suspect wearing outdoor gear (camo in this case) and is most likely very familiar with the terrain 
  • Search includes large forested area 
  • Physical evidence at the apparent crime scene 
  • A personal item of the missing woman is found in the brush miles from the site last place seen 
I am not trying to argue that someone who is the equivalent of a "mountain man" is responsible in the Bobo case, but making the point that authorities will be open to a variety of theories; especially if nothing is gleaned from examining the actions of those who would immediately fall under suspicion in this type investigation. 

Rather a more important concept to remember in working missing persons cases is that it can be beneficial to be a student of history; especially in trying to predict suspects, tendencies, and motive. 

My prayers are with the missing woman's family and all those involved in her search.


A Doc 2 Be said...

Have missed your posts.

My prayers to you and your family. My hope is that your father is recovering...

BobKat said...

Slam, just in time! You know I know what those stresses can do... Godspeed; we need you here! And good luck.

If you're monitoring comments, it's on many person's mind - what of the brother? He said he "saw her being led into the woods, thought it was her boyfriend".

He was concerned, but hours later. What are we missing here? His story is, imo, quite lame. We don't know the circumstances other than reported, but it's obvious he would be center-stage and right up front in the search, or a suspect; he seems to be neither.

What thoughts?

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Hope your pop is okay and that you got your taxes turned in on time!

jodeeluna said...

Please know that you are missed, but I also respect you for making your father a priority. You're a quality person!

Janna Qualman said...

Too too many disappear with no trace.

Aw, SD, I'm really sorry to hear about your dad. I hope all is well soon.

Meadowlark said...

The Husband was of the same mindset as BobKat. Mostly because of a recent local crime with the same m.o. ... extremely sad results of that one :(

Hooray on recovery and boo on taxes. Much peace.

Rachel said...

Thanks for highlighting her ... I'll keep her in my prayers as well ... as well as your family.


BobKat said...

RE: Holly's brother... seems the "media" may have messed up.

Early news reports do cast a shadow over her brother. That may very well be unfortunate, as having a sister myself, my age, it would be devastating to be a suspect. According to "media reports" around Apr. 14, her brother claimed he witnessed a struggle between his sister and a man in camo, and watched as she was dragged away into the woods. This should have raised serious questions about her brother! But it's looking like it's obvious her brother, Clint, had nothing to do with her disappearance.

April 19, things are changing. Media reports now indicate she was seen walking "willingly" into the woods. That Clint could very well have thought it was her boyfriend.

ABC NEWS, Online, 'Story id=13407750', had Holly's cousin, Country Star Whitney Duncan, making the following statement:

"My cousin, Clint, Holly's brother, is not a suspect and I'm sick of people saying that he is. He has been cleared for good reason."

That should end speculation.

Meadowlark said...

Yeah... well BobKat, you and I both know that her words mean nothing.

Just like the adamant words of the man and his family in the local case. Well, at least their words until they found the man's suicide note directing law enforcement to her body.

Although the media has (as is often the case) mucked this up fairly well.

J. J. in Phila said...

Good to see you back, Slamdunk.

I would not preclude the "mountain man" possibility, especially since the police think she's still in the area. However camouflage is quite popular, including in urban settings.

Bob G. said...

Hey, you gotta take care of family business FIRST, eh?

Good call on the Holly Bobo case.
I pretty much came to similar conclusions.
And yes, knowing the past regarding such crimes and people that have taken place helps to NO small end.

Stay safe and my prayers for you, your Dad and family.

torn blazer said...

Hi Slam, thinking of you and your Dad


Momma Fargo said...

Good points. Missed your posts as well.

Prayers to your father.

Brian Miller said...

hey good to see you man...prayers for you and yours..as well as this family...and learning from history is a great thing...