My Contribution

Our ten-year son old excels at sports.  Basketball, soccer, tennis, baseball, etc., you name a game, and he shows skills.

He can thank the Mrs.' side of the family, as my in-laws have quite a successful athletic track record:

Father-in-Law: Division I, NCAA basketball; minor league baseball, semi-professional basketball in Italy

Brother-in-Law: County high school sports hall of fame, 4-year letter and 3-year top seed Division I, NCAA tennis 

Sister-in-Law #1: Division I, NCAA 4-year letter in rowing, competed in Boston and NYC marathons as well as multiple ultramarathons (50 milers)

Sister-in-Law #2: 3 year letter Division III, NCAA tennis

Wife: County high school sports hall of fame, 4-year letter and 4-year top seed Division III, NCAA tennis
So what are my contributions to my son's athletic talent?

I mean other than a high school sports record that primarily featured underachievement? 

I am dumb and stubborn.

I am dumb enough to believe that I can out-row, out-serve, out-run, out-shoot, and out-perform any of those relatives in a competition.

If not right now, all I need is a little time to get ready.  With preparation, my tennis backhand could become a weapon or pounding pavement would push a marathon runner.

In basketball, if I miss 6 shots in a row, I think I just need the ball one more time to start making two and three point baskets.

My son is the same way.  He does not worry about his last misses, if his team needs him to shoot, he does.  This quality is referred to as a shooter's mentality.     

I believe I can win.

So that is my contribution to the little guy--plod along unconcerned about the obstacles and look for victory.

Who said that me being a goober can't be a positive?


Stephen Tremp said...

Let's hear it for being dumb and stubborn! Three cheers for the goobers. Are there vests and badges. Hey, I'm a legend in my own mind, so maybe I am a Superstar. Its just that no one else notices my athletic prowess.

Miss Caitlin S. said...

aha , aw, that's funny. But hey, having confidence in your own skills definitely deserves merit too!!!

Maxi said...

Don't sell yourself short Slam. Kids learn from their parents.

A positive attitude is "your contribution."

They have learned a winning attitude from you.

Audrey Allure said...

It sounds like he takes motivation and confidence from you!

Herding Cats said...

Hey, with all that natural ability to both excel physically and not give up - he's going to be unstoppable.

Bob G. said...

Never worry about being sports'-challenged"...
My Father was an excellent DART player, and I gravitated to CHESS.
Then again, it all depends on:

1- what YOU have a passion for.

2- How much TIME (and effort) you are willing to invest in it.

3- Knowing full well that you will NEVER excel at everything, but you WILL always excel at SOMETHING.

Then...go for it!

Good post.

Stay safe.

Dawn said...

Haha..this is great! You contributed well!!!!!

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

That's a great contribution if you ask me!

Jennifer Hillier said...

So he gets the physical strength from his mom's side, and his mental strength from you.

That's about the best combination there is.

kathryn said...

Aw. I think you are eternally optimistic...and it's a fabulous trait to have. There are enough Debbie Downers in this world.

And it's like The Secret: If you believe it, you become it!

Z Joya said...

harhar! right on. thanks for sharing this. i need this kind of aura everday.

Brian Miller said...

ah i think you make a great contribution...go goobers!!

jodeeluna said...

There is something to be said for being tenacious! That's about all I can contribute to the sports world as well. Obviously your son got that trait from you.

Momma Fargo said...

I love the dumb! I am dumb, too! Let's hoorah for the dumb!