A Survivor

I have been married more than a dozen years. 

Several years before matrimony, I was a fresh-out-of-college police officer living in big city.

With my first apartment, I had the realization that Michael Jordan wall posters and NFL team pendants that had adorned my dorm room and college dive pad would not suffice as decor for my transition to adulthood.

Fortunately, my new apartment was small with limited wall space, so I only had to purchase a few furnishings.

I like history and landscapes so I bought two inexpensive framed reproductions that I felt captured both. 

One was this work of the Yosemite Valley.

I had no grand vision of decor, just the work reminded me of our family vacations as a child--climb into the old car and travel west through states like New Mexico, Arizona, and California.

Fast forward a decade (still back a few years ago), and all of my bachelor furnishings had either been trashed, donated, or were tucked away in the attic or storage room awaiting a similar fate.

My recliner with the heating element.

My beach glass lamp shade.

My oil of bird dogs standing in a field.

All gone.  Long gone.

One day the Mrs. and her mom were talking in our storage room, when Nana saw my old painting behind a dresser.

NANA: "What's this?"

THE MRS.: "Oh, that is Slam's.  Wrong frame. Uninspiring image.  I don't like it."

NANA: "Looks like a Bierstadt...  Yeah, I think it is."

THE MRS.: "Bierstadt?"

NANA: "Albert Bierdstadt was a famous 19th Century artist who was inspired by the American West.  Your grandma loved his work."

The Mrs. mulled this new information that her grandmother, her favorite relative, was an admirer.

THE MRS.: "Grandma loved his paintings?  Hmm."

Strangely enough, that Bierstadt, the last of my single-guy possessions from so long ago, is no longer dusty and hidden.

It is now proudly displayed on the wall in the bedroom of my youngest son.

Appreciated again.

A survivor.

Note: The original painting was finished in 1865 and is entitled Looking Down Yosemite Valley.


Matthew MacNish said...

So you actually had good taste? Even back then? Why am I not surprised?

Love the painting.

Creepy Query Girl said...

awe, that's such a coincidence! I'm glad your bachelor painting is being newly appreciated! lol.

BobKat said...


Momma Fargo said...

Yay! Like that painting.

Dawn said...

Phew! It was THAT close to ending up in a garage sale. Lucky:))

Bob G. said...

Goes to show that SOME things are worth holding onto in life...no matter HOW MANY years go by.

Wonderful story.
AND, a beautiful painting.

Stay safe out there.

Stina Lindenblatt said...

I'm glad to hear that. I love the picture. :D

Lydia K said...

My hubs has a few of those things. Sadly, the 6 inch replica gargoyle has gone the way of the trash can after it was accidentally (I swear!) broken by the kids.

Reggie said...

I love that picture too - it is spectacular! So glad it is being enjoyed and appreciated again.

Maxi said...

I love this painting aand…

lookie here. You won an argument without a word.

Kristin said...

Most of my hubs "treasures" are in the garage...Maybe I should let something in the house. Haha!

CL Beck, author said...

Cool painting. I bet your son loves it!