He Is Exempt from My Whining

I dislike going to a bank.

The waiting.

Finding the required documentation.

The charges.  I mean charges for anything and everything including the air breathed while on-site.

Fortunately, with ATMs and online-banking, in-person visits are a rarity for me.

In any event, the only individual exempt from my whining and complaining about banks is Ikenna Njou.

Judging from his experience as reported by MSNBC, I think he earned it.


Note: The following was paraphrased from the linked article above--the original text was just too long for my blog.

Photo Credit: King 5

In Auburn, Washington, 28-year-old Ikenna Njou tried to cash a check at his bank, but was rewarded with a forgery charge, the loss of his car and job, and four days in jail.

After the ordeal, the only one with egg on their faces were officials with Chase Bank.

Last year Njoku qualified as a first time homebuyer for a Federal rebate, and opted to electronically deposit the funds into his Chase account.

Unfortunately, Njoku's account had been suspended due to overdrafts, so the bank deducted $600 from the rebate funds to settle their costs and mailed him the difference (over $8,400) in the form of a cashier's check.

When he tried to deposit the $8,400+ cashier's check at Chase bank, an instrument issued by Chase, workers became suspicious of him.

Eventually police were contacted, and bank officials, believing the check was a fraud, had Nkjou arrested for felony forgery.

After he was hauled off to jail, bank officials continued researching the check and determined that it was valid. The detective investigating the case was contacted, but because it was his day off, Nkjou spent the weekend in jail before being released and the charge dropped.

Life did not get much better for Nkjou after his release. Getting his $8,000 returned from Chase took months. He was unable to pay his impoundment fees due to the arrest, and his vehicle was sold at an auction.

With no transportation, he lost his construction job.

Chase Bank did issue an apology to Nkjou and evidently a settlement was reached--as Nkjou could not comment on any agreement reached with the institution.

To no one's surprise, Nkjou now banks with Wells Fargo and is likely provided with extra lollipop's when making the dreaded in-person visit.


A Daft Scots Lass said...

Poor Bastid!

Jinksy said...

Makes one want to go back to a Piggy Bank to save one's pennies...

Suz said...

I dumped Chase years ago, and all they did to me was refuse an electronic payment, then tell me I was delinquent!

Elena said...

When my father died I cancelled his Chase card. Chase still allowed unauthorized uses on it, even after I sent them the death certificate which showed purchases were made after he died. After numerous phone calls where they kept telling me my father had to cancel it...he was dead, duh, they said they would "take care of it." A couple of days later a new credit card was issued to my dead father with a higher credit limit than he had before. More frustrating phone calls ensued whereby they told me they sent a new credit card because they had to issue a new account number. Did I mention my father was dead? Neither Chase nor the NYPD would prosecute the person (a psycho ex-girlfriend of dad's) who had racked up just under a thousand dollars worth of merchandise. I guess it wasn't worth their time. Meanwhile my own Chase card which I had for over 20 years, and was never once late in paying, was cancelled because I didn't make any purchases the previous year. Yeah, I'm through with Chase...

J. J. in Phila said...

I hope there was a substantial settlement.

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Dang! And I thought Matt's bank was bad because of the waiting!!!

Bob G. said...

I was of the generation that grew up KNOWING what a DEPOSIT was as well as a WITHDRAWAL.
In elementary school, we even opened up accounts at the local bank, and our teachers explained all the "bank stuff" to us.
We even took a field trip TO a bank to see what ti was all about.

Of course, in those days, school really DID prepare us much better for the "big outside".

Nowadays, it's either the ATM (ALWAYS watch yer six and keep the head on a swivel) OR keep your funds it in the "Hip-National" bank...LOL.

(Elena - had to go through something similar with my late Mom's bank, only without nearly as much hassle. I know the hoops they set out for 'ya to jump through.)

Good article and post.

Stay safe out there.

Krista said...

Oh, my GOODNESS! That is unreal. I *knew* there was a reason I have always hated going IN the bank. The only reason I have been there in the last five years is to buy pesos! :o)

KittyCat said...

shit luck I suppose

Kristin said...

Oh the bank...the stories I could tell...Like the time a breakfast joint charged four grand to my debit card and the bank refused to cancel the charge and release the funds for a week just in case we I HAD bought a four thousand dollar breakfast. Le sigh.

A Doc 2 Be said...

Someday, people will learn to "bank" with credit unions and stop the misery that comes with a big name, or a small name, bank.

Banks are beholden to investors; credit unions are beholden to their membership (me, you, and anyone else who joins). They are insured just like banks by the FDIC and I have yet, to have any issue with them.

However, my issues with Wells Fargo, US Bank, Chase, Lehman, WaMu are well noted elsewhere :)

I hope this man got a large settlement somewhere out of this.

Lisa said...

From Chase to Wells Fargo? That's like jumping from the frying pan into the fire! He'd be better off with a smaller, community bank who will treat him like an actual human being!

Diane said...

I'd be nervous to bank with anyone in person ever again! :O)

Maxi said...

Sounds as if Chase and common sense parted company.

Yellow said...

I heard about this a few days ago. CRAZY!! We all sit here and go "There is no way this could happen!" Yet it did, here in the land of the free. I bugged T-rex to death about it, I hate to say it but the cops should he some how responsible for this. . 4 days is just too long!

secret agent woman said...

Chase should be ashamed of its corporate self, but you know they are not.

My son has to take a required personal finance class in high school. I think that's a great idea.