Just to set the scene:

Our kids are spoiled in that they are used to watching DVDs in the family vehicle.  A few weeks ago, our van was in the shop and the twins, young Sissy and Luca, had to travel "old school" with no video entertainment.


"Honk!"  The sound of nose-blowing echoes from the backseat of our vehicle.

Sissy had been battling allergies all week.  Runny nose.  Coughing.  Watering eyes.  The works.

"Here, take the whole box," I direct and pass the tissues to her from the front seat.

After another nose blow, Sissy says: "But dad, I am booooooooooorrrrreddddd."

"Now we will be at the farmer's market in a little while.  Why don't you look at a book like Little Luca. He sure looks relaxed." Luca's barefeet swing from the seat and his shoes are just below in the floorboard.

Luca offers no expression as he focuses on the exploits of his favorite rabbits Max and Ruby.

Sissy continues: "Dad, when is the van going to be fixed?  I want to watch Dora."

"Tomorrow, your mobile video experience will be back in-service. Now find something to do so that I can concentrate on this road congestion.  You know the combines, tractors, and Amish buggies."

Twenty minutes go by.

I am only asked for a drink, but continue to hear the unpleasant honking sound of nose-blows.

"Ok, we made it," I announce breaking the silence.

"Nice job entertaining yourself Sissy," I say as I gather our belongings to exit the vehicle.

"Let me get Luca's shoes on real quick."

I grab the little boy's left shoe and straighten the tongue, but I stop before sliding it on his foot.

Cautiously, I reach inside the shoe and remove damp paper.  A used Kleenex to be precise. 

There are two more used tissues also inside the little boy's shoe.

Next to the sneakers, I notice the floorboard is littered with wadded Kleenexes.

"Sissy, any reason why your tissues are inside Luca's shoe?"

"Basketball Dad," Sissy explains.

"I was shooting baskets and Luca's shoe was the hoop for two-points.  You told me to find something to do."

Smiling I reply: "Sissy, let's call the three made tissue baskets or 6 points your all-time-record never to be broken."

Thankfully, the regular family vehicle with DVD player was back as promised the next day.


Currently, I am out of state and plan to be back early Monday morning--so sorry email responses and planned blog hopping will be delayed. 

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.


Samantha VĂ©rant said...

The French husband would never allow DVD players in the car. The kids usually just listen to their iPods or play games--when they're not trying to kill one another!!!

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

I like the way Sissy thinks! Have a good weekend.

Matthew MacNish said...

Nice. I love the name Luca, too. Like Luca Brasi.

Clarissa Draper said...

Smart kids. I think a dollar tissue box is well worth the peace and quiet.

Katherines Corner said...

Score! I love this post, giggle, sorry.."been there done that" with our grandchildren. We do not have fancy stuff like dvds in our vehicles ( like mom and dad van and yours too)giggle. So we are old school all the way. We do sing, play road games and tell jokes. But still we hear the sounds of groaning when the trip takes more than 20 minutes. I hope Sissy's allergies are better Hugs!

Kristen @ Motherese said...

Hey, if you name your blog Slam Dunks, you can't be surprised when you have a Maya Moore in training on your hands! :)

Maxi said...

This reminds me of the many times granddaughter Brittany and I curled up with her stuffed animals to watch Dora.

secret agent woman said...

We never did videos in the car with our kids, so they had to resort to making up games, too.

ladyfi said...

LOL - too funny! We don't have a DVD player in the back, so the kids just have to entertain themselves - sometimes by reading and singing but also by bickering...

kathryn said...

Oh-so-cute...and shows a lot of ingenuity! Kudos to your little girl for being able to combine her allergies with an activity to keep her amused.

You gotta admire that!

Lisa said...

LOL! I said I'd never own a vehicle with a DVD player in it. Totally unnecessary since I grew up without one. And here I am...owning a small SUV with a DVD player and headphones. Hope Sissy doesn't have to "rough it" for very long!

Kristin said...

I've definitely fallen victim to the DVD in the car trap!

SuziCate said...

Sometimes, I suppose we should think twice before we tell kids to entertain themselves! However, I think Sissy did quite well, no harm done to Luca! I used to hear "he touched me", "he touched me first", "make him stop"...where were the portable dvd players when I needed them?!