A Shocking Crime

I was reading the online version of the news in "big city" where I used to live and work in law enforcement.




Armed Robberies.

I really don't miss urban life or city policing at all; especially when I flip to the crime blotter page of our local newspaper on a Tuesday and there are two crimes the press sees as worth mentioning.

A DUI arrest and this shocker:

Police: Man hollered at woman passing by
Gary Matthews, 32, of 109 Book Ave., Apt. 1, yelled at a woman as he passed her on the sidewalk here...police said.

Sherry Manning was walking on Lower Darber Street with her daughter just before midnight when Matthews and his girlfriend approached, authorities say.

Manning told Matthews to watch where he was going, and Matthews began to yell obscenities at her, said police.

He was charged with harassment.

Cursing in public?

And the guy was cited for it? 

Scary stuff going on here in cornfield America. 

I just enjoyed that the press actually felt this crime was important enough to report.

My guess is Mr. Matthews was just letting off some steam in that it takes any of us locals 50 minutes of driving to get to a bookstore...


ladyfi said...

Oops - but perhaps fining people who swear publicly would be all right.

Matthew MacNish said...

Hah! Awesome. Something is still right with the world.

Also, I heard this story on NPR this morning, and thought of you:


Bob G. said...

It seems that the crime blotters in most good-size cities are far larger than even the CLASSIFIEDS...and that should scare a lot of people.

Nice call with TWO crimes worth mentioning in your town...lol.

At least the police are right on top of that.

Had to be the VOLUME LEVEL of the cursing that got "mr mouth" cited.

Stay safe out there.

J. J. in Phila said...

There are actually laws regarding that in many states. I've always been troubled by the constitutionality of it.

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Guess he learned his lesson, huh?

Clarissa Draper said...

That's so funny!

I'd be happy not to see a dead body on the cover of a newspaper every day. But that doesn't happen in Mexico.

Dan said...

Heck, that would be front page news for a few days here.

One of the pleasures of small town living is that the combined municipal, county, and state patrol blotters published in the paper takes less than a quarter page.

Anonymous said...


Jennifer Hillier said...

I laughed at this. Not because the guy yelled, but because it was newsworthy in your town. You must live in a nice, quiet place.

It's funny, though. I'm from Toronto where the crime rate is fairly low. Murders are a big deal - they're meticulously counted (you'll always know that this is the 11th murder of the year, or what have you) and they make all the headlines, etc. When we moved to Seattle I was told it was one of the safer cities in the US - and yet the number of crimes I see on the news has got to be 10 times what I'm used to seeing in Toronto.
And it totally freaks me out.

I guess it's all about perspective.

Maxi said...

Used to be that way in our rural area … when we moved here 24 yrs. ago.

No more (sigh).

tha malcontent said...




Armed Robberies.

Yeah, we got to get Obama out of the white house.

Sorry I guess that was a bad joke..

Anonymous said...

haha, no way that is the crime news in my city.

Theresa Milstein said...

50 minutes to get to a bookstore?! That's a cost-benefit of living in a certain area. I live in a low-crime city, but I often wish I could smell flowers instead of exhaust out my window. And can people just pull over and walk to a door instead of honking?!

caseykay1 said...

I would completely understand if he was yelling out of frustration of living so far from a bookstore, don't think I could stand that.

At least that is what is newsworthy, rather than having so much crime hearing about it doesn't even phase you anymore.

KD said...

Wow, must have been a quiet news day!