I am not a poet.

I do have respect for those with such talents, and the blogging world offers some excellent poets.

Three of my favorites are Brian at WaystationOne, Jinksy at Napplenotes, and Joanny at LiveDreamLove.

So, instead of me struggling to create a verse that touches the soul but getting stuck on "violets are blue...", I offer the following from another odist, Eugene Peterson, that had the desired impact on me:

A beech tree in winter, white

Intricacies unconcealed

Against sky blue and billowed

Clouds, carries in his emptiness

Ripeness: sap ready to rise

On signal, buds alert to burst

To leaf. And then after a season

Of summer a lean ring to remember

The lush fulfilled promises.

Empty again in wise poverty

That lets the reaching branches stretch

A millimeter more towards heaven,

The bole expands ever so slightly

And push roots into the firm

Foundation, lucky to be leafless:

Deciduous reminder to let it go.


Jinksy said...

That poem might have been written for my latest In Tandem 'painting'! I'm honoured to be on your list, Blogpal.:) Thanks ♥

ladyfi said...

Wow that is a beautiful poem!

Suz said...

I love it! I'm a fan of that lean style - not all cluttered up with useless words, but evocative.

joanny said...

ah so sweet, thanks for the honorable mention -- a beautiful poem you posted --

the inherent exuberance
of nature keeping time
with the seasons,
everything adjusts
and comes
to a new balance.


Brian Miller said...

very the poem....and for the company you put me in, i am honored...i have high respect for each of these ladies...

Matthew MacNish said...

Beautiful. said...
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Bob G. said...

Nicely presented.

Always enjoy some good prose.

Stay safe.

Bossy Betty said...

Love a good poem to start the day off right. Thanks!

Lisa said...

From fantasy football to poetry. Quite the Renaissance Man, aren't you?! :-)

The Blonde Duck said...

This makes me think of the bad poetry I wrote in hs...

jodeeluna said...

Thanks for the poetry links. Poetry helps me to express my thoughts and feelings in a way like none other.

Midlife Jobhunter said...

I bet you could stream of consciousness your way through a poem, Slamdunk. Enjoyed this one, too.

Jennifer Hillier said...

Beautiful poem.

shazammm said...

All Poems & Poets are just simply beautiful...

Beautiful poems come form a beautiful heart!

Thank you Slam Dunk and all Poets.