With the flooding we have been battling this week, I did not have time to write a post for the Nikki LaDue January series. 

For anyone wanting more information on the case, blogger True Crime Diva recently posted thoughts on it.

I'll talk more about that case next Monday.


Thanks again to everyone for their prayers and kind words.

Our family dodged a bullet last week as the flood waters reached within five yards of our porch before receding.  The high water damaged many of neighbors' homes so we spent much of the weekend helping them and cleaning up.

The kids continued to make the most of incident.  Big brother got his fishing rod out and tried to hook a big one by casting his line from our porch into the liquid filled yard and street. 

Little Luca called the high water his "beach" and drew chalk starfish, crabs, and beach blankets on the little space of driveway  that was not submerged--though he was not actually allowed to touch the muddy water.

Sissy, played with the neighbor's dog and sat on their truck's tailgate sipping lemonade.

Since we moved most of our stuff to the second floor, while waiting and watching, the Mrs. declared the day "a cleaning day" after discovery all of the yuck that was hiding behind the furniture that we had moved (I tried to be invisible as best as possible after this declaration was made).

And me?

I realized that, though going without a shower for a few days has been fun and reminds me of some teenage guy summer camp that I attended many years ago, the green cloud of funk that follows me wherever I go is probably close to burning holes in the ozone, and will limit my future positive social interactions with folks unless an intervention occurs. 

Just be glad this blog does not include a smell-o-vision app.

Note: I had no idea there was a history of smell-o-vision, and that someone cleverly wrote an article on top movies they would like to see with this concept.

Anyway, we hope to have our services restored this week sometime--and I'll be first for an appointment with the bar soap.


Samantha VĂ©rant said...

It's nice to hear that you're all working together as a community. And I hope not too damage was done. Keeps fingers crossed...

julie fedderson said...

Willie Wonka would be awesome with smell-o-vision. Hope you're getting cleaned up without too much problem!

Lisa said...

I hate it when I'm preoccupied and can't keep up with my favorite bloggers. I hope you and yours remain safe...and that your dog is still okay. I chuckled at the thought of the chalk beach drawings. Great "lemonade" attitude!

jodeeluna said...

I had no idea you were in danger of flooding. I must have missed your last post. Thanks God you are safe, even though smelly.

Dawn said...

Glad things are going ok...but not so glad you have to go without one of the most important necessities of man;D
It's neat when one can take a catastrophe and make us of it.
About a month ago my hubs canola field was flooded....we threw our kayaks in and paddled through the middle of it.
I guess worse could happen;D
Did your son catch a fish?:))

Rachel said...

what an amazing perspective in the midst of it all.


Momma Fargo said...

Glad to hear the waters are receding!

Brian Miller said...

whew...sounds like a close call...glad to hear the waters receded...flooding is no, in this case neither is smell-o-vision...smiles. glad you can keep your sense of humor...

Reggie said...

Relieved to hear that you and yours are okay. And awesome that your community is working together and helping each other - the only way of surviving such disasters. Bet your kids will never forget this part of the experience too. :-)

Oh, and have a fabulous first shower! ;-)

Maxi said...

Love the line about an "intervention."

Glad things turned out well for the family.