Marie Hanson, Missing

Anything I touch lately seems to break.

We are down two computers, so I don't have the next post on the Nikki LaDue January case.

Instead, I wanted to discuss the search for another missing person.


Case Summary

Fifty-six year old grandmother Marie Hanson was last seen at July 6, 2011. She and a friend had been camping at a large gathering at the Skookum Meadown near Stevenson, WA organized by the "Rainbow Family."

It was Marie's first time attending the Rainbow Family's annual event, and reportedly she had been ill during her time there.

Because the gathering involved more than 20,000 attendees, Marie's friends searched for her for a few days before returning home with her belongings.

Authorities and the woman's family have conducted several searches of the rugged forested area around where her camp was, but have not found any new leads as to her whereabouts.

Though members of the Rainbow Family (the Family is considered the largest non-organization in the world) are usually a closed-knit society, they have been supportive in providing information and assisting the woman's relatives in searches of the area.


I am currently reviewing Marie's case, and will have an additional post on specifics of the investigation later.

I do have several concerns after listening to this recent podcast that included an interview with Marie's family--one being with a "psychic" trying to help.

At about 12:01 of the show, the "clairvoyant" tells members of the family that Marie is "not alive" and "...being under the assumption that she is alive and will pop-up is being in denial."

Its not bad enough that the loved ones of a missing person are saddled with having to navigate the investigation with little guidance, using their own creativity to generate awareness, contacting and meeting with persons who may have information, and organizing searches.

But to also have to sit and listen to a person claiming to have mystical powers criticize you, and say to get over it (stop hoping that she is alive) that your loved one is deceased must be infuriating.

I just have this image of a sunglasses-wearing clairvoyant with her feet propped up in a recliner, eating Doritos, next to a phone that is labeled "Psychic Friends Network" making all of these predictions.

Interestingly, the psychic eliminated certain pieces of case information as irrelevant; arguing this on the basis of feelings.


Anyway, the family held their composure during the interview and it provided lots of useful information--a credit to them and something I would not have been able to take.

Searchers for information involving Marie's disappearance have been hampered by bad weather, but were still able to use dogs in certain areas.

I'll have additional information on this case in the coming weeks.

Kudos to family members for their patience.

More also can be found on the family's site here.


UPDATE OCTOBER 10, 2011: The family announced that the Skamania County Sheriff told them that human remains and jewelry were discovered near the campsite by searchers. 

A positive indentification is pending.

I stand by the post.  If I were in their situation--my loved one is not dead until I am convinced he/she is no longer. 

No psychic is going to crush my spirit.

My prayers are with the Hanson family.


Momma Fargo said...

Interesting. The Rainbow Family made their mark on our state as well. Not a fan. Will be interested in seeing you unfold the case, Slam.

Pat Hatt said...

Yeah I would have chucked something at the psychic. If it was stopped then maybe it was the truth, but if it hit the dumb psychic, big fat fraud.

NancyE said...

Thank you ZaSu for standing by us in this horrible time.
I agree, the psychic was not kind, but her comments made us stronger in our resolve to find Marie.

A response to Momma Fargo's commnet. We do not know the cause of Marie's death. The Rainbow Family made their mark on our family. Originally they were the only people searching for Marie, they continued to search for more than a month after the gathering was over, several longer than two months. The Rainbow Family called a search BEFORE law enforcement. When we (the family) called for a volunteer search on labor day, out of the millions of people in the Pacific Northwest, only Rainbow Familyshowed up. For the second volunteer call out last weekend, despite Facebook, Internet, print and online news stories and TV stories in Washington and Oregon-only ONE non Rainbow showed up (blessings to Virgil), other than family and personal friends. I am so overwhelmed by Rainbow support. My mother always said 'don't judge a book by the cover' and I have found this to be true. Although Momma is not a fan, I am a fan of the people who helped us, both in the searches and the support we received each and every day.
Like any large event (there were over 20,000 there) people from all walks of life show up, the good, the bad and the indifferent. In this case, we have made many new friends. I would be proud to be called 'Rainbow' if all were like the three dozen I have met since the Gathering.
Nancy Enterline
Marie's Family

Kristin said...

So sad. My prayers are with them.

Nikole Hahn said...

When a prediction like that is made you've got a 50/50 chance you are correct. Missing persons after a certain time don't have good odds, but it's still tacky of that "clairvoyant." The "clairvoyant" got lucky.

Nikole Hahn said...

What is the Rainbow Family? Never heard of it here in AZ.

Beth Zimmerman said...

How horrible that anyone would steal some one else's hope! Totally agree with you, SD! Hope your computers recover quickly!

WomanHonorThyself said...

good luck with the computers Slam..:)

Miss Caitlin S. said...

I love your coverage of this. My Family's cabin is in Skamania county and though the Rainbow Gathering was way East of it, I saw a few of them (they're very distinguishable, especially in rural areas of Washington) that weekend around the last gas stations before no man's land. I was very sad and surprised to hear that someone was missing and even today, I was incredibly upset to find out that human remains have been discovered! I know identification is pending but I still even felt inclined to comment their family's page today sending my good thoughts. And you are right on the money, how infuriating to have someone tell them the outcome of their loved one based on nothing. I know that family in particular has had trouble gaining coverage for this story (I think largely due to the fact that many assumed she had left the area in search of a new life with someone named "Owl", so the fact that it could have been a choice I think deterred a lot of coverage), and that would only add to it. This might be one of the more perfect times to just say: "Kindly, shut up.". Also, your story about the blogger getting that book signed for you was so amazing, I loved that! Exactly what I was talking about.

Diana said...

That made me want to grind my teeth. Grrr. Thoughts and prayers to the Hanson family.

Maxi said...

This session should have been recorded and played back to the "psychic."

ZaSu Says said...

Marie's family has looked for their loved one since July. They have had to navigate not just the rough terrain but all kinds of personalities and judgements.

Nothing though was going to stop them. It's a lesson many victim's unfortunately have happen to them. Not everyone on the internet offering help are as nice as my friend Slam Dunk.

Someone once told me to always ask yourself "what is this person's motive and remember you want justice not publicity." But many families are re-victimized and hurt by the very people who promised to help them.

Marie's family has recently gotten the news that remains were found believing to be Marie's. Now begins their grieving and the search for what killed their loved one.

Marie's family is a strong and close knit family. They have been through a lot. I pray for them and want them to remember the good memories of Marie. The best parts of her are in them.

I wish everyone on the internet were as kind and nice as SD is. He always gives TLC to those he writes about.

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone in denial that the clarvoiant reading was correct? Some psychics are good at what they do and aome are not. Just like some doctors, lawyers and basketball players etc.. Just because some are not good at the trade, doesn't mean that every basketball player is a loser. Truly Clarvoiant people are used more often than you realize in crime investigations and also in politics and the military.
Stop being so childishly judgemental. After months of being missing, her family certainly was prepared for the possibility that she was no longer alive.

Lisa said...

I'm curious if you will be delving into the missing 10-month old, Lisa Irwin soon. That case just makes me sick.

Slamdunk said...

@ Anonymous: As for my opinion, I stand my what I said in the post.

If you listen to the tape, you'll hear a psychic arrogantly admonishing a family for hope.

Hope that their loved one is alive.

And, I'll never let that pass without comment.

When a psychic is 100% right, then I would not have a problem with he/she trying to crush a family's spirit.

I just have not met that individual yet.

ZaSu Says said...

SD - I heard they were still investigating Marie's death, will you update us when you know more.

Interesting note: I watched a 60 minutes show last night called Revisiting The Patz Case. The suspect Jose Antonio Ramos' was prosecuted on child abuse charges with the help of a federal prosecutor, Stuart GraBois and "The Rainbow Group."

What Happened To Etan Patz?

See book After Etan

Such a sad, sad story. I was glad to see the Rainbow group helped with this missing persons case and saw that Ramos was prosecuted for the child abuse that happened at one of their gatherings.