On Penn State Beaver

And even a rare Sunday night post from me...

I saw this weekend that officials at Penn State Beaver had enacted parts of their safety plan after an apparent threat was made by a former student

The ex-student and former member of their basketball team, Michael Mollett, reportedly made threatening comments on Twitter referencing VA Tech--concerning enough for the school to cancel all activities this weekend and involve local, state, and federal (the FBI) law enforcement.

Authorities continue to search for Mollett who has outstanding criminal warrants.

Since it was supposed to be an open house at Penn State Beaver this weekend, I went over to the university's website to see what information they had regarding this potentially violent situation.

And, I found nothing.

The lead story on the homepage was "Fall Open House Click for Info" with the status of "Postponed: To Be Rescheduled."

I clicked on the story and it described the event with a canceled note and just this: "Watch this space for new date and time."

Nothing on why the event was canceled.

Nothing on the potentially violent situation involving the campus.

Nothing on who police are looking to apprehend--despite the guy having warrants. 

No information whatsoever for individuals arriving on campus. 

Now, I am certain university administrators acted in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Act--in that officials disseminated campus safety information to students, parents, and employees.

But what about visitors interested in the open house or others traveling to the university this weekend?

Wouldn't posting some relevant information to their website been appropriate?

For university leaders--avoiding unnecessary bad publicity is understandably an issue, but those administrators certainly could have done more to inform others about the potential dangers the campus was/is facing.


Chip "Rocket Man" Allen said...

Living just 40 miles south of Va. Tech. this sort of thing really strikes home. Interstate 81 is visible from our porch and we watched just about every law enforcement unit in this part of the state roar past at well over 100MPH and didn't find out what was up until the local NBC affiliate broke into the game show nonsense a couple of hours later.

Dawn said...

Seems typical....trying to save face rather than being open to full truth. Disregarding the time/safety of others....or....did they truly feel there was no danger?
I get tired of "higher ups" making decisions for the majority....

Stephen Tremp said...

I'm not from the area, but the events from a few years ago should have authorities taking notice and taking action. That was big news here on the west coast when it happened.

rachelsjunkinthetrunk said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog!I just signed up for future email. Very fascinating stuff!