What Animals Eat: A Clarification

Under a cloudless azure sky, the youngest, Luca, and I were enjoying play time at a local park.

After exhausting our usual concert of pushing-on-the-swing singing tunes (Old MacDonald Had a Farm, Wheels on the Bus, etc.), I transitioned to a different line of conversational engagement.


ME: Hey Luca. What does a cow eat?

LUCA: Grass.

ME: Good. How about horses?

LUCA: Apples.

I feel the breeze from the swing as Luca tries to touch the treetops with his feet. The chain rubbing the set's hinge creates a staccato rhythm.

ME: What does a rooster eat, Luca?

LUCA: Umm...umm...ummm...worms.

ME: Excellent. What does a dog eat?

Luca stares, obviously lost in thought, but says nothing. I give him a moment and follow-up.

ME: So what does a dog eat? What does your dog Chuckie like? What does that yellow-buffalo-of-a-dog eat?

Luca finally breaks the silence.

LUCA: Ice cream.

ME: What?

LUCA: Ice cream. Ice cream cones.

ME: Ahh yes. Your dog Chuck aka "yellow buffalo" sure is good at stealing little kid ice cream cones. You got me there man.


You never know what children think until you ask.


Suz said...

At least he didn't say, "Poop!"

Stephen Tremp said...

File this one under, "Kids say the darndest things."

Pat Hatt said...

haha yes they sure like that ice cream and poo and anything else that can go in their mouth

Little Ms. Fun said...

LOL!! That is way too cute! It's true though..a dog will eat almost anything :)

My daschunds once ate a hot dog and got so sick from it! My baby cousin kept yelling "The hot dog dog ate a hot dog!!" It was too cute, until my puppy starting upchucking the already disgusting meal.

Matthew MacNish said...

At least she didn't say his own poop.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Our dog steals hot dogs. He just can't help himself.

TexWisGirl said...

a wise child. :)

thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! blessings to you and yours!!!

Hilary said...

What self-respecting dog wouldn't like ice cream. It takes a kidlet to keep that in mind. ;)

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

Ice cream! LOL! So cute :)

Diane said...

No kidding! My son lets things rip that I just laugh and laugh over!!! :O)

Michael Offutt said...

Dogs eat almost anything.

Bob G. said...

Funny post, and some great comments.

Our one dog actually liked BEER.
(and slept really well afterwards...lol)

Stay safe out there.

ladyfi said...

How adorable!

Clarissa Draper said...

Kids say the cutest stuff!

Shauna Nosler said...

Funny how those swing set days offer such great communication ... their little brains work better when they're in the fresh air :)

A Doc 2 Be said...

Awwwww! My dog eats, in no particular order:

the blue shoes
the red shoes
the black shoes
the blue Asics Gel Nimbus
the pink Asics Gel Nimbus
the black boots
the other black boots
the tan sandals
the off-white peep toes

and, might I say, only one of each pair...

oh right, back to Luca :)

Miranda Hardy said...

Luca seems extremely smart. I love it. I also love that your dog's name is the same as my brother's.

julie fedderson said...

That's awesome. You got to love what kids say--I was in Target with my littlest looking at the Halloween decor when he announced that skeletons didn't need haircuts because they had no hair!

Audrey Allure said...

Haha, aw that's cute. Some kids just come up with the greatest one liners lol.

jodeeluna said...

I always love your heart-warming stories. Another precious keepsake.

Z Joya said...

I came here for a dose of laughter. i had my fill. thank you! awesome. harhar

Miss Caitlin S. said...

hahah, aww- so is the yellow beast a thief or is Luca a giver?? I definitely was the little kid secretly sneaking treats to my pets. I love the descriptors here, such a cute description of Father and Son.

Reggie said...

You have the most intriguing conversations with your kids, Slam Dunks. And what a fun way of spending time with Luca.

Wendster said...

I love that kids find the most appropriate answer in their OWN mind. Not the "correct" answer.

Good for him.

And good for you for *letting* it be the "right" answer. :)

SuziCate said...

ice cream cone? lucky dog!

Candice said...

I'm impressed you know all those kid's songs. Joel always resorts to Happy Birthday. He doesn't even know Jingle Bells!!

Cute answer...and clever!

ZaSu Says said...

I want to know - does he share?