On Holly Bobo

I really plan to be back to blogging soon. 

I had to cancel my previous return--not being able to visit the blogs of others compounded with taxes and dad's return to the hospital are the cause of my recent hiatus. 

Anyway, I'll be back to writing and visiting in May.

Until then, I had one observation...


As the search continues for clues involving missing nursing student Holly Bobo, I was reminded of the kidnapping case of Kari Swenson:
  • Attractive young woman disappears in the daytime 
  • Authorities believe she was led into a wooded area by at least one male 
  • Suspect wearing outdoor gear (camo in this case) and is most likely very familiar with the terrain 
  • Search includes large forested area 
  • Physical evidence at the apparent crime scene 
  • A personal item of the missing woman is found in the brush miles from the site last place seen 
I am not trying to argue that someone who is the equivalent of a "mountain man" is responsible in the Bobo case, but making the point that authorities will be open to a variety of theories; especially if nothing is gleaned from examining the actions of those who would immediately fall under suspicion in this type investigation. 

Rather a more important concept to remember in working missing persons cases is that it can be beneficial to be a student of history; especially in trying to predict suspects, tendencies, and motive. 

My prayers are with the missing woman's family and all those involved in her search.