Brianna Maitland: Reader Questions

I am going to take a hiatus from the Nikki LaDue January death case.

My posts are beginning to get redundant, and I don't believe I am currently adding anything to the discussion.

When I have something to say that I believe is pertinent, I'll go back to it.

In contrast, the crime blogger over at Cold No More is discussing an excerpt from an interview conducted several years ago by a private detective who interviewed Nikki's husband Phil about the night he found her body.

It is a good read, and leaves a reader with lots of questions.

For today, I wanted to mention this missing persons case.

A reader recently asked several questions regarding the Brianna Maitland disappearance case.

In 2004, then 17-year-old Brianna vanished from Vermont--authorities found her vehicle backed into an old abandoned farm house less than a mile from where she worked at a local inn/restaurant.

Maitland case guest blogger BobKat graciously helped to address three (all related) of the reader's questions:

QUESTIONS: How was it that employees saw her drive off in the car? Were they outside? If they were inside how was it that they were able to see her in her car outside?

ME: The specifics of the witness' statement (an employee) that discuss allegedly seeing Ms. Maitland leave the restaurant late that night were not released by investigators. The media's consensus is that he saw Brianna enter her vehicle just prior to midnight and drive away from the restaurant.

BOBKAT: The story goes a guy Brianna worked with was out having a smoke break. Where he was he could follow Brianna to her car, see she got in, and drove off.

BobKat also told me that he is not aware of the family speaking with this witness--as no additional details regarding his vantage point or other observations are known.

The witness' statement is essential in verifying the established timeline on the missing woman. If later it is learned that the employee was mistaken about what night he saw Brianna drive away from the restaurant and she did not leave around midnight, it could obviously open the door to other explanations as to her route and intentions the night/morning of her disappearance.

I'll have more questions and answers in a future post on the sad and strange case.

For a list of all posts on the Maitland case (more than 20) that feature myself and/or BobKat, you can go here.

Also, for information on Investigation Discovery's recent segment on Brianna's Disappearance, go here.


Miss Caitlin S. said...

Every time you post about a missing person, I feel so ignorant to find out that there's SO many people who are just gone without a trace. It is so sad. She was such a pretty girl.

It's amazing how important all of the time frames are for sightings, it really seems to change the entire landscape of possibility.

Pat Hatt said...

Sounds like the witness was credible enough. But yeah by just relying on his word, if he's wrong, it throws everything out of whack.

Stephen Tremp said...

There must be a special place in hell for the sick cowards who do such heinous crimes. I'm also saddened when I hear people are released from prison after twenty years after being proven they did not commit a crime. Being a detective can't be easy.

Clarissa Draper said...

What a sad case. I hope that it someday gets solved. Maybe with all the new light, someone will come forward.

Jax said...

You can't just go by what one person says. There could be a motive behind anything. How do you know what he's saying is the truth?

Carol Kilgore said...

I always feel so sorry for everyone involved and wonder sometimes if the person meant to disappear and has so far succeeded. I know that is most often not the case, but it's something my crime fiction mind always plays with.

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Agree with Caitlin - it's just so sad. Each time I hear a story like that I can't help but think how many more of the similar cases are out there, unfortunately :(

WomanHonorThyself said...

I agree with Stephen Slam..what horrors ..keep the faith my friend..You are good people:)

BobKat said...

The evidence allegedly provided by a employee who claimed at some point, according to the Maitlands while interrogated by police, is vitally important. We were never able to talk with this witness, who it was said "saw her leave and turn left".

As with much the family learned, I discovered over the three years I assisted, was take everything with caution. Early on, the first couple years especially it was very difficult to have the cooperation of law enforcement, witnesses, some persons who knew her.

I'm happy to say I/we got to talk with a lot of her friends, and so we were able to learn a lot about her life at the time. That is invaluable.

My understanding also is that VSP now maintains direct contact with the Maitlands, keeping them informed, in-the-loop; something new VSP is doing with missing person's cases, as a result of lessons learned after Brianna disappeared.

All told, to be told one person saw Brianna leave, and to not be able to talk to this person, the family that is, is sad. I only hope VSP has given them that opportunity. And the facts as we know them are correct... as it is still possible she turned right...

Shayne W LaRochelle said...

Brianna's mother stated that Brianna wanted to live in a bigger city at some point In life. It was said she wanted to run a way to a bigger city. That morning she disappeared after the GED test they went shopping In st. Albans Vt. Her mother said she had gone to the parking lot because something caught her attention. Is it possible that she met up with a person who was going to help her leave Vt? Maybe a person to help her dreams of moving to a big city? After that night of work she was offered to stay and eat with co workers, but said she had to get home because she was tired. The car was found abandoned In montgomery at the old farm house. With the ca backed into the house. Her medication was left behind. Does anyone know how many pills she had left? she could have taken some with her same with the contacts,and left the rest. Was there any sign of struggle in the car or outside of the car? Was there any other car tracks around the car? Could the people had parked at the road and then she got in and they left never to return to Vt. Myspace was launched in 2003 a year before her disappearance, maybe she met these people online going under a different name not showing her real name. She was a young girl with the dream of leaving and going to a different and bigger place like a city. Young kids always have dream's some bigger then others. Couldn't it be possible there were people out there she knew that could make her dreams come true.Why didnt she tell if this was true she had already moved in with her friend? Parents and friends can sometimes not be sportive with decisions other friends make. Could it be possible she left not wanting people to know she left to live some wheres else, and leaving her car the way it was maybe it was a message showing that I'm out of here and never to return. If a person wants something bad enough they will do what ever they can do to do it.These are my ideas and questions people can agree or disagree. I do have a yahoo if their was someone to contact about my ideas this case is interesting and think I have a good questions.