On Responsibility

I wrote this a few days ago, but with the release of the Freeh Report on Penn State's failed leadership during the child sex abuse scandal, the message is certainly contemporary.

On a side note but related to the Freeh Report, JJ from Phila continues to comprehensively cover the disappearance of former Penn State area prosecutor Ray Gricar.

His latest post is entitled Proving Walkaway and can be read by clicking here

What is the connection to the Penn State scandal and the missing district attorney?

Ray Gricar was one of the prosecutors that decided against prosecuting Jerry Sandusky after accusations had been made against the former Penn State coach.

Anyway, here is my offering on responsibility for today.

The Mrs. learned mid-week, inadvertently, that older boy was placed in the wrong camp this week.

We all thought he was attending archaeology camp and would be out at a dig site Tuesday, but instead he was hiking at a general outdoor camp.

One organization runs both camps and the staff, times, drop-off, and pick-up sites are all the same.

The Mrs. spoke with the administrator who handles the paperwork, and evidently the woman accidentally put his enrollment forms in the wrong pile--causing him not to be placed in the digging camp that he has been looking forward to all year.

A camp that we shelled out some good money for.

Many years ago, I learned something the hard way.

When you are in charge of something and there is a customer service problem, just make it right.

Especially if it is related to a mistake you made.

Take responsibility.


Correct the mistake quickly.

And, take measures to ensure similar errors don't occur in the future.

A simple yet full-proof plan to make the best out of tense situations.

When confronted with her mistake, the woman from the camps instead said this to the Mrs.:

Well, I don't want to blame anyone here, but if your son would have said something yesterday, this would not have happened.


Blaming a fifth-grader who had simply assumed that there were two groups for the same camp and that it would be his bunch's turn to dig this morning?


That is guaranteed to get an immediate and unpleasant response from most parents.

Therefore, I apologize to anyone who was startled by the loud KABOOM heard from our neck of the woods Tuesday at about 1 pm.

It was the result of the exploding Mrs. giving the woman immediate and unpleasant.

Lots of immediate and unpleasant.

The situation was resolved and kiddo finished the week where he was supposed to be.

Hopefully, the administrator learned the same lesson that I did so many years ago.

Just take responsibility.


Sue said...

Glad the Mrs. gave her a lot of "immediate and unpleasant" because I would have done the same thing!!!

Hilary said...

Everyone makes mistakes.. some more costly than others. Everyone has the opportunity to make up for it. Not trying to do so is simply another mistake. Now it becomes something of a pattern.

I'm glad it was resolved for your son. I hope the admin has learned something from the process, also. I'm sure your boy did.

Anthony said...

Sometimes, the most difficult choice is the right one. It is easier to defend a wrong action than to admit a mistake.

messymimi said...

Sounds like that woman has risen to her level of incompetence and needs a demotion, as well as some "immediate and unpleasant."

Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt said...

Blaming the kid? Oh come on. Kids are kids.

Don't blame the missus at all. We just went through a similar situation with a major exception: the powers that be apologized, fixed the mistake and have been accommodating since then. Of course, this was after I blew up, but the supervisor said she understood because it was relating to one of my kids.

LD Masterson said...

Always easier for the adult to blame the kid. In an office setting, the blame would fall on the computer. Contracters blame suppliers. Retailers blame shippers. And so on. Fingerpointing has become our national sport.

Pat Hatt said...

Yeah I'd give them a piece of my mind too. One should own up to ones mistakes.

Miranda Hardy said...

I did hear a boom. This totally explains it.

People who pass blame on others irritate the living poop out of me.

CITYHYD said...

All is well that ends well :)

Secret Agent Woman said...

Wowza. If there is anyone above that woman to complain to, a letter might be in order.

Maxi said...

An apology and making it right could have saved the day. This administrator needs to change jobs.

Blessings - Maxi

BobKat said...

Two part post Slam...

Part One: PSU and Ray Gricar. I feel strongly after much review that the two are connected in his disappearance. I'm especially interested in the involvement, possibly, of a now deceased head coach in the matter. The timing of RG's disappearance is all too close.

Part Two: Hand clap for the Ms'... that would fry me too, especially if the rep blamed "my son" for the mistake.

Good message: Accept responsibility. Take ownership of your actions.

Kay G. said...

I find this very typical, expecting the child to do what the adult should be doing.
Be responsible in your actions, we cannot hear that enough.

Mommy Lisa said...

Ugh - I hate when people choose to ignore their responsibility in matters.

Anonymous said...

something went wrong. i posted a comment and it disappeared. weird! let me try that again.

i would have done the same thing the mrs did had that happen to me. i'm sure the mrs would have responded differently had the administrator admitted the mistake done and did something to correct it. i hate it when people point fingers on others and wouldn't own up to one's mistake.

i couldn't log in to blogger just yet using my laptop. have to clean it up. the hacker caused too much trouble the other day when this idiot hacked my yahoo account.


Momma Fargo said...

Good on the Mrs. They should have also given you a coupon or refund so as to further say they were sorry and reinstill your faith in people doing the right thing. Also..would you not have been a spokeperson for them and their business had they done that. Doing the right thing and taking responsibility goes a long way. And blaming a 5th grader...oy.

Anthony said...
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JJ.in.Phila said...

One thing that I learned while working at the welfare office, everyone makes mistakes. Just fixing it is usually the easiest way to solve it.