Married Guy Fashion

My annual "Visit My Father on Padre Island, Texas" trip will be here in a few days, and accompanying older boy and I this year, will be little Sissy.

She is pumped--a trip to the beach and her first time flying in an airplane.

Anyway, Sissy and mom have been shopping so that she can show off warm-weather fashions during the adventure.


Sissy stands in front of a full-length mirror staring at a colorful summer dress.

SISSY: Dad do you like this outfit? Mom and I bought it yesterday.

ME: You look great buddy!

She smiles and points to two other dresses on the table.

SISSY: I get to bring the pink and the blue dresses too.

ME: I am sure you'll be a big hit with all those South Texas style critics.

I exit the room and return in couple of minutes. Sissy is still looking at her clothes.

ME: Hey Sissy. What do you think?

I do a half-turn in front of the mirror, hands on my hips. Sissy looks and opens her mouth to say something, but stops; obviously confused.

SISSY: Ummmm. What do I think about "what" Dad?

ME: My outfit? I mean my shorts specifically.

I do the half-turn again highlighting the oversized khaki shorts that I am wearing with a thin belt.

SISSY: Well Dad, they look like what you regularly wear in the hot weather.

ME: No. These are special. They are my "eating pants." See I can adjust the belt to a "before and after buffet" setting.

Sissy laughs.

ME: I like to think that I set fashion trends as well while away. My style is likely best referred to as "Over-the-Hill Married Guy."


Ok, so my good calorie intake on vacation is balanced by being able to take a daily morning beach run.

It does wonders to quiet my "eating" conscience.


Selma said...

LOL. Good one. This really tickled me!

Lipstick said...

*giggle* Y'all have fun!!!

Blond Duck said...

You're such a sweet dad. My dad wore short shorts of the Texas flag. Not kidding.

Miranda Hardy said...

I think your style is top notch!

Anthony said...

I say the same thing (about being able to burn off excess calories via run/walk) when I go to Las Vegas each year.

Pat Hatt said...

LOL thinking ahead, never know when those shorts will come in handy

Ciara said...

I love it. I could totally see this conversation.

messymimi said...

Love your fashion sense, it's so practical! My Sweetie needs to adopt this.

Carol Kilgore said...

Love the daddy/daughter talk. It's blazing hot down here now. I hope Padre remains storm free for your trip :)

Maxi said...

Have fun "fashion guy." Uh, you will never be able to outdo Sissy.
Blessings - Maxi

Elisa Hirsch said...

I LOVE this post! SO fun :)

And the adjustable belt--can they make those for "Over-the-Hill Married Gals" too? I need one!

ladyfi said...

Too funny! Enjoy your vacation.

Mommy Lisa said...

That is funny. Love it. Don't get sick. ;)

Street Fashion Paris said...

Have fun!!! xxx

James (SeattleDad) said...

No guy's wardrobe is complete without a pair of eating pants.

Lisa said...

Thanks for the giggle. I'm sure you looks dashing in your "eating shorts." Hope you had a great time in Texas.