No Robbery Here

Sometimes, police work involves fighting crime, but unfortunately it also includes incidents that are a complete waste of time and resources:

A driver used his cellphone to call Memphis police dispatchers on Wednesday, reporting that he was chasing a man who had just robbed him of about $500 at gunpoint, according to a court affidavit.

The robber was firing shots at him as he gave chase, the man said.

Memphis police scrambled to locate the two vehicles and one officer did at 4:54 p.m., just as the man giving chase told police dispatchers that the robber had fired more shots at him.

However, the officer reported that he did not see any weapon or any shots fired.

Police then stopped both vehicles involved in the chase at Bill Morris Parkway and Ridgeway, according to the court document.

They found no gun and no $500 in the auto driven by the 29-year-old man being chased.

Officers from two precincts shut down Bill Morris Parkway at Ridgeway for about two hours trying to find a gun, according to the court document. They didn't find one.

The Memphis man who called police from his car, Brian D. Harris, 27, said he didn't know the man he was chasing, investigators reported. However, his cellphone revealed that he had spoken to that man several times on Wednesday.

And the 29-year-old man being chased told police that he and Harris had agreed to meet at a Mapco convenience store and gas station at Winchester and Kirby.

The man was to buy some marijuana from Harris, he told police, but took it without paying for it and fled in his car, according to the court document.

Police on Thursday charged Harris with the felony of making a false report.

He was held in Shelby County Jail on $20,000 bond...

Roadways closed for hours.

Multiple police personnel and units committed to the incident.

Sad, that this type of wild goose chase is all too common.

And we the public have to pay for it--both monetarily and with our time.



I hope everyone has a super weekend.


ladyfi said...

Blah indeed! Such a waste of time and money.

Miranda Hardy said...

I hope he gets locked up for this. Talk about a waste of resources.

Brian Miller said...

ugh...this is one of those idiots i hope they throw the book at for all the waste....

messymimi said...

You could also file this under "stupid criminals."

Matthew MacNish said...

Whoa. So dude got robbed for his weed, and called the police about it? Wow.

Pat Hatt said...

What an idiot, he should surely get locked away for a good long while, serves him right.

Candice said...

It never ceases to amaze me how crooks essentially rat themselves out to the police!

Maxi said...

Crime and the "idiocy of crimes" has increased ten-fold since drugs entered our society.
Blessings - Maxi

Clarissa Draper said...

What a horrible thing to do. What if a real emergency happened and all the police were busy handling this fiasco.

Midlife Jobhunter said...

We utilized the police in our small lake community last weekend. While babysitting my granddog, he had an epileptic seizure and then wildly ran off. When I say "wild"-- odd behavior -- like Old Yeller when Travis brought him dinner in the corn crib. Neighbors lost sight of him 1/2 mile away. Our network of neighbors searched for 24 hours - our local policeman helping. He only drove around for a half hour or so, but his wife was visiting with another officer's wife near our house. They kept up the search while the officer went back to other duties. We didn't waste too much of his time on the dog.

Finally found that poor dog 24 hours later - alive. Fire ant bites and cactus spikes along with dehydration. Daughter-in-law still talking to me.

Why am I telling you this? I don't know - except we didn't waste all the policeman's time. And when he first arrived to help, we thought the dog had been snake bit. Officer was extremely kind telling what the outcome of that would probably be.

Rather emotional 24 hours.

shevz said...

what a badass! I'm shocked

Bob G. said...

I swear people (here) do similar things with ALL these "911 hangups"...time and again the same residences place them and police HAVE to repsond.
I had one officer come to OUR door a while back for such a call...from a CELL PHONE (Wifey has the only one and she was at school).
I asked about the call and the officer said it was probably a MOBILE BUTT DIAL...
I know it didn't come from OUR house.
And a cell phone is NOT a play toy for the kids...hear that a lot too...children on the phone and no answer when a call back is made.

False reporting of ANY nature is wasteful (and illegal) but conversely, every call HAS to have a response.

A real catch-22.

Good post.

Stay safe out there.