What I am a Sucker For

I admit it.

I am a sucker for an inspiring story.

I can't read enough of them.

Tell me about the individual who everyone gave up on. The overlooked competitor. The one that was a sure thing to fail. 

And then a funny thing happened along the way. The person wins. He or she achieves greatness. 

Everyone stands in awe and cheers--even the opposition and the vocal critics. 

Like this story. 


Yeremiah Bell is not a familiar name to most, but his story is worth hearing.

Bell played high school sports, but went unnoticed by recruiters at the next level.

While many of his friends lacked direction after high school, Bell was driven to succeed.

With no funding for higher education, he worked for a local steel mill near Winchester, Kentucky. He started on the night shift and then eventually moved to daytime hours.

The hours were long and required physical strength--making guardrails is certainly no easy task.

When not working, Bell would spend time with his family.

After he saw a friend on a weekly talk show with Eastern Kentucky University's head football, he became inspired and told his mom that he would play there some day.

That moment his journey began.

He combined the physically demanding job with his own training to get into shape.

Two years later he had saved enough money to enroll at the university and began calling the football office inquiring when open tryouts would be.

He admits to "bugging" the coaches "to death" for an opportunity, but his persistence paid off and Bell and 24 other students were given a chance.

In borrowed shoes that were two sizes too large and competing against 18 year-old graduates whose skills were sharp from playing football, Bell wowed the coaches with his strength and running speed.  He was invited to join the team as a non-scholarship player--not bad for a young man who was diagnosed with clubfeet as a child and told he would not be able to run.

Despite multiple injuries and hospital stays during his athletic career, Bell excelled in college and was eventually drafted by the Miami Dolphins. A decade later, Bell is still playing professional football.

An unknown working in a factory who would become an NFL veteran.

I admire folks like Yeremiah Bell, and certainly have much to learn from his story.

What dream is waiting there for you to make a reality?

You can read the Bell's full story by going here.


Pat Hatt said...

Quite the story indeed, always great when people make it. Prob me a movie one day too.

messymimi said...

Yes, i'm a sucker for such stories, too. We have a couple of young people here in town who earned spots on the university team as walk-ons, got scholarships, graduated, and went on to open a restaurant that is now a popular local chain called Walk-Ons.

Never give up on your dreams while making even a portion of it a reality is in your grasp.

lisa said...

I love those kinds of stories as well. They are so inspiring. I loved the movies, Blind Side and Invincible for that reason. They just make a person feel good.

Mad Libbs said...

Brings to mind "Rudy~ Rudy~ Rudy!" I love inspiring stories because it can remind me anything can happen... believe to receive!

Maxi said...

It makes us feel inspired when an unknown reaches his/her goal, Slam.
blessings ~ maxi

Jax said...

Amazing story!! Makes you realize with persistence and hard work you can achieve anything :)

Brian Miller said...

that is a pretty cool story...i am a sucker for them too...those that would not have made it but...persistence pays off...

JJ.in.Phila said...

I'm not a sucker for these types of stories, but this is a good one.