Fantasy Football Opportunity and Last Summer Trip

Two things for today.


What do Chuck from Incessant Ramblings, Mommy Lisa at  the Mommy's Nest, and  Pat Hatt of It's Rhyme Time all have in common?

They and a host of others are all playing NFL fantasy football with me this season in year three of my for fun league.

I have one other opening for a person if you are interested.

We play for free and of course bragging rights.

If you want to join us, just email me at and I'll send you the details.



Just like that annoying guy at your job who always seems to be on special assignment or otherwise out of the office.

Or like the neighbor who is always traveling.

Or one of those politicians with the questionable work ethic.

I will again be away from the blog.

So that means silence from me next week and no posts.

Which might be celebrated by some.

My excuse?

My "Summer's Last Hurrah" vacation to the beaches of South Texas.

Take care while I am gone, ok?

Alexis Murphy, Missing

NoteBlogger Suzicate from the Water Witch's Daughter asked if I would publicize the following case of a missing teen in Virginia.

Also, I am preparing to travel to Padre Island, TX for a week at the beach so I won't be around too much. My apologies.


Missing: Alexis Murphy

Seventeen-year-old Alexis Murphy was last seen last Saturday night (August 3) when she indicated to family that she was going shopping in Lynchburg, VA.

She has not been seen by her family since.

Authorities publicized her vehicle and license plate, and the car was found late Tuesday night abandoned in an old Carmike movie theater parking lot in Charlottsville, VA.

Alexis' family is concerned since she has no history of previous disappearances, appeared to be excited about starting her senior year of school later this month, and was scheduled to play in a volleyball tournaments this week.

The Nelson County Sheriff's Office (VA) is being assisted by the Virginia State Police and the FBI with the investigation.

The missing girl was last seen "wearing a pink blouse, floral-print spandex pants and brown boots. She was also carrying a dark and light colored grey purse."

She is described as being a black female with black hair and brown eyes. She stands about five feet, seven inches tall and weighs about 156 pounds.

My prayers are with Alexis and her family during this trying time.

Misdemeanor Physical at the Grocer

In these trying times, even grocery shoppers need to remain ever vigilant:

(FAIRBANKS, AK) 63-year-old Fairbanks resident Merrill Moses was reported to the Fairbanks police department on Wednesday night for operating a shopping cart while under the influence of alcohol after trying to drive the cart into the traffic in the Fred Meyers parking lot.

Police arrived at Fred Meyers to find an employee of Fred Meyers detaining the inebriated Moses by holding the handle bars of the motorized cart. It was reported that he was being held back for fear he would be injured by another vehicle. When police attempted field sobriety tests on Moses, he failed.

Police said he could not stand without assistance. A breathalyzer test showed an alcohol level well in excess of the .08 that is the legal limit for driving a motorized vehicle. Moses measured a .310 according to police.

Fred Meyer reported that this is not the first time that Moses has operated a cart in the store while under the influence and has attempted to run over store employees when he was contacted in the past...
Glad everyone involved was ok.

It reminded me of a similar situation that I was dispatched to years ago when I worked patrol.

I arrived on scene at the mall, and a suspect tried to flee from me.

Fortunately, my courage and supreme training kicked-in and I was able to apprehend the driver after a short pursuit.

Here is a shot from that chase:


Maybe that is a scene from Paul Blart Mall Cop.

Come to think of it, on some days while policing, I sure felt like Officer Blart.

Happy Monday everyone.

Let It Go

I am not a poet, but certainly respect how they can weave together a powerful yet terse message.

Like this by Eugene Peterson:

A beech tree in winter, white

Intricacies unconcealed

Against sky blue and billowed

Clouds, carries in his emptiness

 Ripeness: sap ready to rise

On signal, buds alert to burst

To leaf. And then after a season

Of summer a lean ring to remember

The lush fulfilled promises.

Empty again in wise poverty

That lets the reaching branches stretch

A millimeter more towards heaven,

The bole expand ever so slightly

 And push roots into the firm

Foundation, lucky to be leafless:

Deciduous reminder to let it go.


Lots of things that I wish would hurry and get resolved.

I need more faith.

Meanwhile, the beech tree shouts an important message.

"...A deciduous reminder to let it go."


Have a good weekend everyone.