Fantasy Football Opportunity and Last Summer Trip

Two things for today.


What do Chuck from Incessant Ramblings, Mommy Lisa at  the Mommy's Nest, and  Pat Hatt of It's Rhyme Time all have in common?

They and a host of others are all playing NFL fantasy football with me this season in year three of my for fun league.

I have one other opening for a person if you are interested.

We play for free and of course bragging rights.

If you want to join us, just email me at and I'll send you the details.



Just like that annoying guy at your job who always seems to be on special assignment or otherwise out of the office.

Or like the neighbor who is always traveling.

Or one of those politicians with the questionable work ethic.

I will again be away from the blog.

So that means silence from me next week and no posts.

Which might be celebrated by some.

My excuse?

My "Summer's Last Hurrah" vacation to the beaches of South Texas.

Take care while I am gone, ok?