Let It Go

I am not a poet, but certainly respect how they can weave together a powerful yet terse message.

Like this by Eugene Peterson:

A beech tree in winter, white

Intricacies unconcealed

Against sky blue and billowed

Clouds, carries in his emptiness

 Ripeness: sap ready to rise

On signal, buds alert to burst

To leaf. And then after a season

Of summer a lean ring to remember

The lush fulfilled promises.

Empty again in wise poverty

That lets the reaching branches stretch

A millimeter more towards heaven,

The bole expand ever so slightly

 And push roots into the firm

Foundation, lucky to be leafless:

Deciduous reminder to let it go.


Lots of things that I wish would hurry and get resolved.

I need more faith.

Meanwhile, the beech tree shouts an important message.

"...A deciduous reminder to let it go."


Have a good weekend everyone.


Rachna Chhabria said...

What a lovely poem. Have a great weekend.

Pat Hatt said...

Some have the flow and yeah it is good to let it go. But I too wish things would get done. Waiting can be no fun

messymimi said...

It's not easy, we are so used to "being in charge." Even the Bible says (if you don't mind the quote) that "Hope deferred makes the heart sick." Prov. 13:12

lisa said...

That is really beautiful. Isn't it amazing what we can learn from simply watching nature? Hope you have a fantabulous weekend.

Brian Miller said...

peterson def knows how to do it...which is probably why i appreciate his message translation as well....nature too is def a good teacher...

Kay G. said...

Something my Dad says all the time, "Just let it go"...he is very wise.
Beautiful poem, thanks for sharing it.

Lydia Kang said...

That was a lovely poetic break in my day. Thank you!