Playing Private Detective

What is the best thing about search engines?

Playing private detective so that I don't embarrass myself.

Recently, I was asked by the Mrs. to contact David's stepdad about some car shopping we have on the horizon--David is a player on my older son's basketball team.

Sadly, I have talked to him a couple of times, but do not know his name.

And that is all I had to go on: "David's Stepdad."

Of course, older boy is no help--can't even verify if David's last name is that of his birth father or his stepfather.

Good thing Google allows me to be a personal data miner.

After some initial searching returned little, I took a detour on the way to pick-up the kids at school and wrote down the mysterious stepdad's house number (as I know where the family lives).

With that information, I was able to get an address history through Google, and his mother's name--which eventually allowed me to uncover the identity of stepdad.

All so I can call him by his first name instead of "hello David's stepdad."

I was relieved, but a little exhausted.

Wow, things were so much easier before when I just had to swallow my pride and confess to my lack of attention.


Stephanie Faris said...

Good researching! The stepdad I had growing up was always a little annoyed by the fact that teachers called him Mr. Faris by default--they didn't even bother to ask if he was my real dad and therefore shared my last name. I guess there weren't as many stepparents in the 70s and 80s as there are now so they weren't used to it?

Alyssa G said...

I just had a conversation about should you "Facebook stalk" someone before you date them. I guess we all dated drunk, axe murderers before technology, huh?

Pat Hatt said...

lol well that is one way the internet keeps your mind working

messymimi said...

Yep, i've gotten very good at admitting i have no clue what someone's name is -- and the internet ruins that ability, they expect you to find them online!

Brian Miller said...

ha. does not take much to find out anything you want to know about someone these might have been better then...a little more personal...

Hilary said...

Yeah, I don't know what we'd do without Google. It's become so important in so many aspects of everyday life.

BobKat said...

That's the odd thing about what you did... use the internet for "investigative work". The really odd thing is this is not something different for you, just something new. You have many blogs researching missing persons. However in the case of the step-dad, it was personal.

Liked the post. Thanks and Happy Christmas!

Bob G. said...

Search engines present no problem for's all the "fuzzy logic" they utilize that becomes he REAL

THAT can be more of a hinderance than anything else.

Stay safe out there.

lisa said...

Ummmm, that would be considered stalking in some circles. Resourceful, but stalking. :-)

terri said...

Or you could just go with the old standby, "Hey YOU!"

Nope. I think your method is better. said...

I actually had to look up a former coworker in regard to the passing of a mutual friend. My Google skills came in handy.