Farewell Roy Garber

I was sorry to see that Roy Garber of the A & E show Shipping Wars died of a heart attack on Friday.

I try to be confident in my abilities, and I am confident that I could NOT have done Roy's job.

Roy owned a transportation business (Arby's Team Transport) and he hauled oversized and or unique items (e.g. antique video games, large outdoor signs, amusement park rides, etc.) across the United States.

As portrayed on the show, Roy and the other haulers encounter a variety of headaches during the moving process--everything from loads that don't fit, equipment failures, getting lost, and missing deadlines due to traffic.


Roy was quite the handyman and seemed to be able to create a quick-fix to resolve any issue.

One of his more memorable moments was when he was hired to transport a huge statue of legendary baseball player Willie Mays from the East Coast to the West Coast.

He takes a look at the over-sized load and told the owner he would need to cut it in half.

After selling the decision-makers that there is no other way to do it, he gets his chainsaw and starts chopping--confident that he will be able to reassemble it again at the destination.

Surprisingly, he does.

It was quite a sight.

My prayers are with his son and family.

Roy was 49 years old.


Pat Hatt said...

Does sound like quite the shipper, never seen the show

messymimi said...

How sad. It's always sad when we lose someone who has an interesting talent or ability so young.

Brian Miller said...

def sad...think i only ever watched the show once....the perks would be just getting to see the world a bit you know....

One A Day Tech said...

I have always admired hard workers, sad to hear this :(

Maxi said...

49!! He was so young. My prayers are with his family.
blessings ~ maxi

Stephanie said...

I had not seen this bit of news! So sad.

terri said...

This is very sad. He was too young. I've watched a few episodes and I know he had a son who is just a young adult.