Lack of Facilities

While most celebrated the New Year, some were saddened by the sudden loss of portable facilities in Texas:

Officials are investigating whether fireworks are behind a blaze that destroyed about 350 portable toilets outside San Antonio.
Bexar County spokeswoman Monica Ramos said the blaze started about 10:30 p.m. Tuesday at United Site Services, east of the city center.
Ramos said the cause of the fire is unknown and that it is still under investigation.
Other officials, however, say fireworks may have started a grass fire that eventually spread to the business, reaching the portable toilets...
I see a couple of bright sides to this story.

Local comedians will be able to use their best toilet humor for a week or two.

And, manufacturers will be busy replacing some of those toilets with a high demand model like this:

Management Perk: Always on the Top (All Others Use the Bottom)

Although, this one is less portable.

Enjoy your weekend.


Pat Hatt said...

lol whatever will they do without an outside loo. I guess they can't ***t or get off the pot, just have to deal with the ***t. Think they are bitter about having know ****ter? Okay i am through, that last outhouse was just eww

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

That's quite a prank.

Bob G. said...

Aw crappers...!
Heckuva way to beging a new year...with nowhere to "go" when it's needed.
(there is always city Hall...LOL.
"high-demand" indeed.

Stay safe out there.

Bossy Betty said...

I am building one of those suckers for my back yard right now. Happy New Year to you and yours!

lisa said...

LOL! Yes, the comedians will be having a heyday with this one for a long time. Love your replacement model. Wait....are we management or *other*? :-)

messymimi said...

What a sad loss! Fire just doesn't consider anything sacred, does it?

And while i've heard of two-seaters, that picture just defies words.

Brian Miller said...

oh a bad time to admit i accidentally burned down a port a potty once...

it rained pretty good during the game...but it was slightly better than the sleet we sat in 2 years ago in cleveland watching the same game...ha

Gina Gao said...

I thought this was quite hilarious.

Secret Agent Woman said...

I'm most struck by the fact that your first post of the year is about outhouses.

ladyfi said...

Ha ha to the new model. Shame about the old ones. Happy New Year.

Maxi said...

You have your own brand of humor Slam, with that remark about comedians making use of "toilet humor."
blessings ~ maxi

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

I'm still in bed with a nasty head cold on a Saturday at almost noon and you just made me laugh out loud... like seriously... everyone came running!

You find the BEST crime reports!