Ashanti Floyd Converts a Musical Curmudgeon

I think my children would describe me as a musical curmudgeon.

I mean once I defined curmudgeon for them.

The elementary school kiddos ask me to listen to this or that contemporary tune, along with the question: "Dad, do you like it?"

My answer is almost always. "No. I like OLD stuff. I listen to sports talk and news when I get a chance, what do you expect?"

"But, dad this is great!"

"Blah!" I reply with a smile.

But they never give up.

And recently, they found a modern song that I did not poopoo: Wake Me Up by Sweedish music producer Avicii which is sung by Aloe Blacc.

In the song, I hear soulful vocals, a pleasant melody, and dashes of bluegrass.

Though I enjoy the song with vocals, I my favorite version of it is done by Ashanti Floyd--also known as the Mad Violinist.

Floyd was inspired by his mother to try violin at age three. Now considered a top violinist, he also plays over 30 other instruments. This musician has performed live with legend B.B. King, toured, and appeared countless times on television and stage.

Floyd is also one of the first alumni of the Javacya Arts Conservatory in Florida; a nonprofit that teaches music and life skills to children and teens.

And when Floyd's schedule permits, you'll also find him volunteering at the Conservatory as the Artist in Residence to help kids develop a passion for music.

Here is the Mad Violinist performing Wake Me Up (if the video below does not load, click here):

So thanks to Ashanti Floyd and Aloe Blacc for preventing me from permanently being labeled a "musical curmudgeon."


Have a super weekend everyone.


Anthony Hopper said...

That's a pretty cool video.

Bijoux said...

It usually goes the opposite way here . . . Us trying to convince our kids that music from the 70 s and 80's is worth listening to. We have made a lot of inroads!

joeh said...

If you can't get into that you are not a curmudgeon, you're dead!

Thanks for introducing me to him.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Ha, I make my kids listen to classical every morning. Actually - they do seem to like it. Probably haven't realized it's uncool yet.

Lady Lilith said...

Lol. This selection is not all that bad. I guess we all have our own likes and dislikes.
If it makes you feel any better, my girls hate the musical I listen to. I am more into old school Boroque and chamber music.

lisa said...

I tease my kids all the time that *their* music will never be considered Classic Rock in the future! That said, occasionally I can find a song I like in the middle of the current music trends. My iTunes has a little bit of everything.

ladyfi said...

Avici is pretty good and very popular over here in Sweden, of course.

Pat Hatt said...

Wow, he is very good. 30 instruments too, that is sure impressive.

Gail Dixon said...

Wow, what a talent! My kids (really, adults now) are always turning me on to new music that I thankfully don't hate and some that I actually love. We've shared a love of music since they were tots. Except country. Ha! I remember when they'd misbehave in the car I'd threaten to play Patsy Cline if they didn't stop and they'd act like it was pure torture.

Brian Miller said...

ha. too funny. i have a pretty ecclectic taste in i have not gone over the hill as far as music goes...but there is def some mod music i cant get into...very cool version of that song...

messymimi said...

My daughter and i both loved it! Thank you for posting it.

Janet Johnson said...

"I mean once I defined curmudgeon for them"

Bahahahaha! Loved that. :D

And thank you for sharing! I love this kind of thing. The violin is just a gorgeous instrument.

Stephanie Faris said...

My stepdaughter just introduced me to the Wiggle song. I think I'd rather be a music curmudgeon than listen to this stuff. "You know what to do with that big fat butt. Wiggle wiggle wiggle."

Secret Agent Woman said...

Huh - I had no idea Avicii was Swedish. But there are lots of good songs out now. Lots of junk, too, but I don't like to rule out any era completely.