You Did This for Me?

Do you think the girlfriend in the following story was impressed or what that her guy decided his presence was a worthy Valentine's Day gift?

Joseph Dekenipp

(ARIZONA) A Pinal County inmate looking to spend some time with his valentine was taken into custody more than three hours after he escaped from jail earlier Friday.

Officials said Joseph Andrew Dekenipp, 40, was arrested without incident in Coolidge, about 10 miles southwest of Florence, where the Pinal County Adult Detention Center is located. Dekenipp had made his way to the Gallopin’ Goose Saloon and Grill, where he was set to meet with his girlfriend.

She had just barely arrived by the time authorities caught up with Dekenipp, according to bar patrons.

A statement issued by the Sheriff’s Office said he would receive medical treatment before being returned to county jail...

After this incident, the current inmate has one thing on his side.

When he goes before the court and answers to the "Escape" charge, he can tell the judge:

"Hey look at how I have changed for the better. I am a reformed man! I ran 10 miles as part of my get-away when I could have easily stolen another car."

Mr. Dekenipp was being held on a stolen vehicle charge when he made his unscheduled exit.

I at least hope that Dekenipp got to eat a burger or something--the Gallopin Goose's food got great reviews on the travel sites that I reviewed.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

The Spitter

Many years ago, I was a wide-eyed know-it-all freshman in college.

On my schedule was a course called "Introduction to Biblical Literature."

Dr. Jones taught the class at 8 am sharp.

He was  a slow moving white-haired man in his late 60s or early 70s.

He wore thick glasses and I can only remember him wearing a yellow or green sweaters--the first of many layers.

Well, it was a required class and needless to say we were all sleepy.

A common attempt by the class attendees at humor was in terms of seating preferences.

Specifically, where not to sit.

"Dude, don't sit in the front row of Old Man Jones' class or he will shower you in spittle!"

Yes, Dr. Jones would on occasion get excited about Isaiah or Gideon and "spit talk."

He never seemed to notice and instead was focused on hammering his point to the inattentive audience.

I just giggled when the accusations of talking and spitting were levied.

Old people.

Fast forward several decades.

Though, I don't wear a sweater or discuss the Old Testament, I now stand in front of weary-eyed young adults.

Attempting to communicate.

And when I am exuberant in discussing the arrogance of legendary FBI profiler Robert Ressler or the applicability of Black's Law, I notice myself spitting a little.

"Dude, don't sit in the front row of Old and Bald Man Slamdunk's classes or he will give you a spit shower!"

Somewhere from above, Dr. Jones has to be laughing.

California's Oldest Unsolved Missing Person Case

The following is a description of the oldest active California missing person case in the NamUs database.

Frances Blanche Hayes Groves moved to California in the company of her boyfriend, James Franklin Phye, better known as "Jim Phye."

The two worked as domestic help for a wealthy family there.

In 1955, Jim stated that he last saw his girlfriend after they went on a picnic.

Evidently, he was the last person to acknowledge talking with her.

Frances has not been seen since.

Sadly, the missing woman left behind six children from a previous marriage to a man named Alva Groves.

That marriage ended in 1950 in divorce--Mr. Groves had accidentally shot and killed their only son.

Authorities could never gather enough evidence to charge Jim Phye with Frances' disappearance, but she is presumed to have been the victim of a homicide.

Phye lived for some time in Nevada under an alias.

He took his own life in 1996.

Despite being unsolved for more than 55 years, investigators with the Palm Springs Police Department (CA) are still interested in new details pertaining to Frances' case.


Note: A relative of the missing woman included information on the site Find a Grave that was useful in writing this post. 

Using the background information on Jim Phye provided by the relative, there are several unidentified skeletal remains of females that have been found in Clark County, Nevada--where Las Vegas is located.  

Valentine's Day Spill

A Valentine's Day card is still acceptable with a little orange juice spill on the bottom corner of the envelope right?

I mean as long as the OJ stays away from the flowers and chocolate, I'm thinking I am good.

Us husbands, right?

If there is a "guest poster" here at my blog all next week, you'll know my above assertion about things being peachy was incorrect.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Now that is Acting Talent

What did Marcus Garvey once say?

"With confidence, you have won before you have started."

 It worked, at least temporarily, for this young man:

(NORMAN, OK) An unnamed teenage juvenile was arrested by...police for stealing nearly $30,000 from three area Walmart stores.

Apparently the teen convinced Walmart employees that he was employed by the big box retailer and once inside, was able to steal thousands.

Police say the accused was well acquainted with the chain’s practices because he worked in an Oklahoma City Walmart before being fired for taking money.

According to the police report, in December the 17-year-old suspect donned a Walmart name tag and, “…acted as if he was a general manager from another store.” He told employees of the Moore, Oklahoma Walmart that he was there to conduct an inventory of the store before general managers would arrive to do a post holiday inspection.

Surveillance video from the store...showed that the teen was left alone in an office where money was stored and he grabbed, “…multiple bundles of cash, stuffing them inside his pockets and clothes,” hugging the manager as he left.

Moore Police Sergeant Jeremy Lewis said, “He’s obviously confident in what he’s doing and has a good story.”

 After his heist in Moore, the hustler, who is also reportedly an actor with a local talent agency, took his act to a Walmart in the city of Edmond.

Dressed in his old Walmart uniform, he walked into the store and was assigned to work at a register where he was able to swipe $3,000 in one day.

The jig was up when the teenage swindler tried his routine at a Walmart in Norman. Police were there to take him into custody…
I wonder if he can list those excellent performances on his resume?

I mean they do show superior communication and acting skills.

Alaska is Where?

I am so glad that I used a globe to verify that Alaska was NOT just a little south of California.

Maps like the following tend to baffle the geographically challenged.


Alaska isn't next to Mexico?

I would have been totally out of place if I visited Anchorage's Kincaid Beach sporting a speedo and lots of sunscreen.

Ok, out of place for more reasons than one...

Thanks for indulging me with my attempt at humor as snow and cold this week have put me behind on everything. 

I hope to play catch-up this weekend.  

Beer and the Fireman

This recent story from Houston got me thinking:
A beer drinker will tell you that a good brew will help out in almost any occasion. And a firefighter in Houston proved Monday it's also useful for putting out fires.

Off-duty Capt. Craig Moreau and his wife pulled off Texas state Highway 71 when they spotted an 18-wheeler with smoke coming from the brakes. He grabbed an extinguisher off the smoking truck and sprayed it on the fire that had started to burn one of the tires.

The fire was momentarily extinguished, but then it started up again.

Moreau asked the truck driver what he had in the truck and discovered it was a whole lot of Coors beer.

Quick thinking led the firefighter and the truck driver to grab cans of beer, shake them, and spray the beer all over the burning tire.

Beer happens to be made mostly of water, so it makes an effective firefighting substance.

The burning tire exploded, but the fire eventually went out…

I can see it now.

In the near future, a clever guy is stopped by an officer for a traffic violation.

The officer approaches the vehicle and notices the case of Coors beer in the backseat and open alcohol containers in the front.

Seeing the cop staring at the beer, the driver quickly attempts to explain:

"Honest officer. I don't carry a fire extinguisher and wanted the case to be immediately available if I drive up on a fire. Did you know that pouring beer on a fire was recently included as #2 in Men's Health Magazine's list of "31 New Uses for Beer"?

He could even sing the old George Strait song between answering the officer's questions.

I'm the fireman. That's my name.

Ok, I am glad no one was injured in the fire and that the Coors Brewing Company received some free advertising as a part of the incident.

Shoot or Do Not Shoot?

Thanks to police blogger extraordinaire Raindog over at Raindogblue for the idea to write this post.

If you have not visited RD's place, his unique observations, verse, and photography are worth it.

Authorities believe Brandon Mellon inadvertently shot himself in the leg recently while in his vehicle in Pasco, WA.

When the injury occurred, Mellon was readying a firearm after he mistakenly believed that he was about to be stopped by police.

Wanted for murder in the shooting death of Allen Lommasson and evidently having no interest in being arrested again, reportedly he was ready to fight.

The bullet struck an artery in Mellon's leg and he was later transported to the hospital.

Assuming the details are accurate as being reported, let's look at this incident.

A convicted felon who is being accused of a murder believes police are near his vehicle.

He is not exactly certain why officers are approaching.

Did police know who he was?

Or, was he being stopped for speeding or some other unrelated minor traffic offense?

Not taking chances, Mellon holds the gun hidden between his legs, finger on the trigger, and waits.

Then "BANG" the gun goes off.

With the disadvantage of not knowing, an approaching officer would have had only a moment to see the Mellon's gun, assess the threat, and make a decision to use force.

Sound familiar?

Certainly this has similarities to the shooting in Yakima (WA) that I discussed a couple of weeks ago.

Now, in that case Rocendo Arias was shot by Officer Casey Gillette who approached Arias' vehicle in a parking lot. Gillette reportedly fired after after he saw Arias holding what turned out to be a pellet gun.

Officer approaches the unknown.

Split second decision.

Certainly, not an easy one to make in either the Mellon or Arias' cases with lives on the line.