First Date Idea

Elementary school-aged daughter has become quite the miniature golfer.

She is patient and knows not to overstrike the ball, helping to keep her scores low.

Having an older brother who plays a lot and enjoys making her competitive certainly helps as well.

Last summer vacation in the scorching South Texas sun, we played 36-holes on two connected courses; a mini-golf marathon.

She only had one of the dreaded "6" stroke holes, but on the others she skillfully finished with twos, threes, and fours.

She even showed off with a couple of hole-in-ones--one on a hole that it took big brother and I three shots apiece to finish.

After finishing, I thought about her fantastic performance.

Man, she is going to make her first date look real bad when they go out for miniature golf and ice cream.

I mean when she has that first date.

At like age 36 or 37.

I figure that will give her almost 29 years of additional golfing practice.

Sounds about right, eh?


Maybe my "dad math" needs some refinement.

Note: My first date, like one million years ago, featured mini-golfing and ice cream. I soundly defeated the talented basketball player with my golf putter, and thoroughly enjoyed the conversation and ice cream afterward. Unfortunately, I don't remember "point guard" going out with me a second time--so she was likely less impressed. 


A Doc 2 Be said...

haha - sounds like she'll be in LPGA and you'll be sitting on the sidelines with your AARP card ;)

joeh said...

I played so much as a teen, they hired me to run the place on weekends.

Mary Kirkland said...

I've been mini golfing exactly one time. I didn't really like it. Sounds like she likes it though.

Bijoux said...

Miniature golf was always a favorite for me, whether as a little kid or on a date. Your daughter will be able to tell a lot about her date's character when she beats him!

Pat Hatt said...

haha well if she shows up the guy maybe they'll run away like point guard and you won't have to worry until she's 36 or so.

Rachna Chhabria said...

I have been wanting to try golf atleast once in my life. But, I wonder if I will have the patience.

Miss Caitlin S. said...

ha, the dad math sounds about right. My dad struggled at about age 14 when I wanted to try and go on solo dates. I don't remember when I was actually allowed to, I think maybe 16? But I used to joke around with him by asking that if I got myself a huge hamster ball, could I go out on a date then?!? lol.

And sorry your skills didn't impress point guard. I hope you only had to pay for one scoop of ice cream!

Bob G. said...

First age 36 or 37.

Nah, just (very) CAUTIOUS...and with good reason.

Who knows, you might have another Natalie Gulbis in the making (and a nice bunch of retirement years for Mom and Dad).
Miniature golf is fine...the other type? Nah, I'll take TENNIS (the ball comes back to you every couple seconds).

Hood post and comments.

Stay safe out there.

Chrys Fey said...

That is really cute! Miniature golf is fun but I'm always the one with the most horrible score out of my group. Oops.

Momma Fargo said...

Haha. You are such a funny guy with your date range. I thought the same thing. Now at 14, the child is "thinking" about it. Sigh. My first reaction is NEVER! But I know in a couple of years, that magic word is coming out. I might move to a deserted island so it can't happen.

lisa said...

Well, now it's my turn to apologize for being MIA in commenting! Yes, I believe your Dad math is a bit off.....but I'm pulling for her to not pull any punches when it comes to any arena! Our oldest daughter (gymnast) was arm-wrestling the boys on the bus in elementary school.....and winning. :-)

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

That's a lot of mini golf practice!

messymimi said...

While it may happen sooner than you think, you can probably end up making sure that mini golf and ice cream are the only things on the agenda.

Jax said...

Mini golf and ice cream is a great idea...but I don't know about her waiting THAT long. And I think boys are secretely attracted to women that kick their butt. :)

Stephanie Faris said...

Dads always say that...then 13 or 14 comes and you realize they actually do know boys exist. 15 is when the real worrying starts!

Gail Dixon said...

Most all dads (and moms) can get on board with your math! lol Sounds like a fun outing for all of you. Great that she has a good and present dad and brother for role models. I had none of that and became a wild child. My poor mama wore her rosary out! :)

Jeanette Levellie said...

Any man worthy of your daughter will not be upset if he loses to her--he'll admire her all the more!

Yes, 36 or 37 is about right.

Carol Kilgore said...

I'd say your Dad Math is right on target. Your daughter may not agree :)

Secret Agent Woman said...

I've never done mini golf on a first date that I can recall. Or on a date, period. It's always something I've just done with kids.