On Hope Solo or Hope Stevens

Last June, police in Kirkland, Washington arrested US soccer star Hope Solo (Hope Stevens is her married name) and charged her with two counts of domestic violence.

Ms. Solo adamantly denies that she was ever the aggressor and tells reporters that she was the actual victim in the incident.

The charges were later dismissed by a judge on "procedural grounds," but the prosecutor filed an appeal, hoping to continue the case. Oral arguments on the appeal are expected this September--which will allow Solo to play during the World Cup that started this weekend.

What exactly happened the night that Solo and family members became involved in a confrontation?

That is unclear.

It is interesting to read the official report that was released by law enforcement.

It describes Solo on the morning of arrest as a combative, belligerent, and intoxicated individual as she was processed by local authorities. Displaying these behaviors not with one or two officers, but with the handful of law enforcement personnel that she encountered at different locations while in custody.

Question for you Ms. Solo:

Do you really expect me to believe that you were NOT combative, belligerent, and intoxicated during the June family altercation when you displayed the combative, belligerent, and intoxicated behaviors to law enforcement shortly after the arrest?

This seems like just a continuation of her actions.

Combine this with the previous domestic incident involving her current husband (former NFL player Jerramy Stevens) on the day before their marriage, along with her "almost arrest" for disorderly conduct in January when that same husband was being investigated for DUI, and I do not have a positive impression of the US team's soccer goalie.

The description of Solo at all of the incidents seems to be consistent: combative, belligerent, and intoxicated.

It is sad that her sport's status could allow her to impact so many young fans in a positive way, yet she is consistently in the news for the wrong reasons.

I hope that she receives the help that she evidently needs.

But until then, I doubt that Hope Solo's encounters with the criminal justice system will cease.


You can review ESPN's story on Solo by clicking here or read the police report on her actions at the booking facilities by going here


Bijoux said...

Well, that's disturbing. You have to wonder if someone treats their loved ones that poorly, can you imagine how they could possibly react to opponents on the playing field? Scary stuff.

Pat Hatt said...

Sounds like a pattern that is leading nowhere good. Maybe they should convict her and lock her up, teach her a lesson, instead of letting her get away with it.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Sounds like a toxic individual to me.

Bob G. said...

This seems to be a "common theme" these days with athletes...no matter what the sport.
And it IS very sad that children see such people as role models.
Granted,no one is perfect, but. you can be a lot better behaved, practice some elf-control, and stay OUT of the "bad press".

Good story.

Stay safe out there.

Stephanie Faris said...

Wow...I hope so, too. The first step is admitting she did something wrong (to herself at least) and it doesn't sound like she's willing to do that.

messymimi said...

Sick, sad, and wrong, all the way through. It's not that athletes should be held to a higher standard of behavior, but to the decent standard that everyone should hold. That means you don't get drunk and fight with your family and law enforcement.

Momma Fargo said...

Yes. Cycle of DV...over and over. Sad they work around her soccer schedule. I say..give her some consequences.

Gail Dixon said...

She needs help, obviously. When celebrities and athletes are elevated to such a high status in society, they should take that role seriously. So sad that many just don't care.

Mary Kirkland said...

Some people just can't stop getting into trouble.

Janet Johnson said...

I find this really sad. So much potential for good, and yet so many bad choices. And while there are no real consequences on a societal level, I guarantee there are consequences. And when it hits the fan . . . Sad indeed.

Chrys Fey said...

I doubt this will be her last incident. And this just proves that women can commit domestic violence too.

Miss Caitlin S. said...

Yeah, I definitely believe that she's guilty of her charges ... obviously we don't tend to think of women as domestic violence aggressors but it surely happens. Hope she gets some help too! No good comes from reacting like that.

Jax said...

Wow, I had no clue about any of this. It sounds like she should spend less time playing soccer and more time at anger management.

lisa said...

Sounds like she's made a number of poor choices in her life. I agree with everyone above. It is very sad to see someone who has so much potential and role model possibilities display such behavior. Unfortunately it does seem to be a common theme among athletes. Or maybe it's just getting a lot more press than in previous years.

Gloria Baker said...

Im sure I comment this!
But anyway This is really sad! Women sometimes are domestic violence agressors!!
Really sad.

Midlife Roadtripper said...

Something ain't right there. Hope for the sakes of all involved they come to a consensus and get on a healthy tract. Sounds like it is very much needed.