First Date Idea

Elementary school-aged daughter has become quite the miniature golfer.

She is patient and knows not to overstrike the ball, helping to keep her scores low.

Having an older brother who plays a lot and enjoys making her competitive certainly helps as well.

Last summer vacation in the scorching South Texas sun, we played 36-holes on two connected courses; a mini-golf marathon.

She only had one of the dreaded "6" stroke holes, but on the others she skillfully finished with twos, threes, and fours.

She even showed off with a couple of hole-in-ones--one on a hole that it took big brother and I three shots apiece to finish.

After finishing, I thought about her fantastic performance.

Man, she is going to make her first date look real bad when they go out for miniature golf and ice cream.

I mean when she has that first date.

At like age 36 or 37.

I figure that will give her almost 29 years of additional golfing practice.

Sounds about right, eh?


Maybe my "dad math" needs some refinement.

Note: My first date, like one million years ago, featured mini-golfing and ice cream. I soundly defeated the talented basketball player with my golf putter, and thoroughly enjoyed the conversation and ice cream afterward. Unfortunately, I don't remember "point guard" going out with me a second time--so she was likely less impressed. 

Caleb Diehl and a Mistake

Caleb Diehl is missing from Nocona, Texas.

He was reported missing by his mother on April 1, 2015.  Reportedly, he borrowed a truck from his employer, Ricky Dale Howard, on March 30th to use for work at another part-time job.

Police have not disclosed or are unsure how, but that truck was returned to Mr. Howard on April 1.

Still, young Caleb has not been seen.

The family believes foul-play is involved and is pleading for persons with information to contact authorities.

The news articles on Caleb describe the eighteen-year-old as a "white male with blue eyes. He is 6 -feet 2-inches tall and 145 pounds."

Two of the four news services covering the story (in Wichita Falls, TX  & Bowie, TX) ran their articles with the following photo of Caleb.

Does that look like an 18-year-old to you?

Are the braces just throwing me off?

I was curious so I did some digging.

This much better representation of Caleb photos was posted online by his sister, Courtney Diehl.

His appearance is quite different, eh?

Interesting to note that the "braces" picture was not included in the collage.

So, how long ago was that first picture taken?

According to this post from a friend's social media account, Caleb had his braces removed in November.


So this picture, being used to accompany emergency info, may be more than two years old?


My message to the media?

Please use updated pictures for missing person stories. If the public is supposed to be looking for a missing 18-year-old, don't give us a historical image of a teen in braces.

If a photo is not immediately available for the story, publish what is accurate and then include the current photo later. If a correction needs to be made, do it.

I should not be able to access mistaken details about Caleb's case almost 60 days later.

I can't imagine the pain that Caleb's family is going through in dealing with a loved one who has vanished.

They should be able to depend on the press to release and maintain accurate information.

One thing is certain: The public can't help find someone, if they don't know what the person looks like.


I hope you all have a good weekend. 

TP: Not Just for the Bathroom, You Know?

Last year, in the community of Avon Lake (northwest of Cleveland), police responded to a call about a home being toilet-papered.

Ahh, toilet paper pranking--an activity that transcends generations.

Still a favorite of the contemporary devious teenager, but something that every homeowner laments; as the clean-up is oh so tedious.

For those meticulous youthful planners, WikiHow even offers a 27-step plan for successful toilet papering.

Recommendations for how to TOILET PAPER A HOUSE?

I am now convinced that one can find everything on the Internet.

Well, I hope that the resident victims in Avon Lake were not treated to something like the following work of "art" that greeted a Pleasant Ridge, Michigan homeowner one morning in 2012.

Here is what that family woke up to see:


Yeah, real nice (as long as I am not on cleaning duty).

Happy Tuesday!  

Memorial Day Remembrance: William Bordelon

Memorial Day.

A time to reflect on the sacrifices made by those who died while in US military service.

Sadly, many of the names are mostly forgotten--like that of Staff Sgt. William James Bordelon, USMC.

Sgt. Bordelon was killed in action during World War II, at the battle for Tarawa in the Gilbert Islands. For his bravery, he posthumously received the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Here is an excerpt from Bordelon's citation:
...Landing in the assault waves under withering enemy fire which killed all but 4 of the men in his tractor, S/Sgt. Bordelon hurriedly made demolition charges and personally put 2 pillboxes out of action. Hit by enemy machinegun fire just as a charge exploded in his hand while assaulting a third position, he courageously remained in action,...provided himself with a rifle and furnished fire coverage for a group of men scaling the seawall.

Disregarding his own serious condition, he unhesitatingly went to the aid of one of his demolition men, wounded and calling for help in the water, rescuing this man and another who had been hit by enemy fire while attempting to make the rescue.

Still refusing first aid for himself, he again made up demolition charges and single-handedly assaulted a fourth Japanese machinegun position but was instantly killed when caught in a final burst of fire...

Bordelon was one of three graduates of his high school (Central Catholic Marianist High School in San Antonio) to die that day at the Tarawa Atoll.

To read a little about what life was like for those that Bordelon left behind, go here.

I always hope that we Americans don't forget why Monday is a holiday.

Missing Evidence


"Hey! Look at that. The missing evidence in the Kelner case… He was innocent!"  --Lt. FD

Yea, office cleaning fun!


Enjoy your weekend.

Disclaimer: Depicted is not a real police evidence bag, but rather a nifty supply case that my brother-in-law found at a yard sale. Since my days of doing police work are ancient history, any evidence that I might have lost has been forgotten and discarded. Perhaps, that is another good reason to blog using an alias.  

Mysterious Song

What to do when the music stops? Ok, definitely not this...
A man allegedly punched a Pennsylvania Lottery machine in the Downtown Easton Wawa because "he was mad because his song had ended," a store employee told city police.

John C. Dijulio... came into the store Thursday night... and bought peanuts before leaving... He returned and punched the machine.

Police later determined he was upset that a song he loved that was playing in the store had concluded...

If investigating this case, what is the most important information to determine?

Well, what tune would motivate Mr. Dijulio to take such action, of course!

The Greatest by Kenny Rogers?

Love Stinks by the J. Geils Band?

What song do you think it was?

It was certainly not this one.

Enjoy your Wednesday.

Note: If you need a smile today, click on the "The Greatest" link above. It will take you to YouTube where a father and young son made a video to accompany the song. They do a nice job with it.